Saturday, January 29, 2011

Black, white & … ‘Buff It’?

As time rolls on we are moving through the house, painting, fixing, building and not cleaning. Okay, the last one is solely my fault. I’ve lost my bend and I have a personal deep hatred for my vacuum cleaner. It SHOULD suck. It is either over zealous or very lazy. I’m working on a new one. Robotics anyone?

Hubs has been building the beginnings of a pergola on our deck, which presently consists of a lattice wall on the southern side to block the copious wind. We’ve also been painting.

It started on Boxing Day when Hubs moved the entire studio into our bedroom for a day of painting. Err… right. We slept in our spare room that night and slowly have moved alarm clocks, fans and lamps in there with us. After both studio rooms were painted we started talking about the bedroom. Our strawberry pink monstrosity bedroom. I so vividly remember opening my eyes on the first morning in OUR house, the one we BOUGHT, to a sea of strawberry pink. Pink curtains, pink walls, and mushroom pinky grey Berber carpet. I promptly put four colour swatches on the wall, we didn’t like any of them and kept talking about it. It will be 2 years in April since we moved in.

After the nursery chair was covered a colour scheme became apparent to us. Off to Mitre 10 with glee we went and the painting began.

My house was described as ‘Freshly renovated.’ Poorly painted pastel 90’s country style walls with floral wallpaper trim and cracks and gaps does not equal a fresh reno. Just saying.

I spent Australia Day filling gaps in the joins , every join in the room thank you, and Hubs removed Floral Delight pink paper trim from the bottom of the walls. I did the first cutting in at 10pm that night. Delighted to be finished, I went in the room to grab my alarm clock. Lucy stood up and meowed her approval of the colour. That’s when I realised that if all the places to sit in the room, she’d parked on the wet paint mixing stick. A highly humiliating double parent Emergency Sponge Bath ensued, resulting in one furparent in fits of laughter whilst gripping the cat tightly, another furparent firmly sponge bathing cat’s lower half and one highly embarrassed cat licking her front paws desperately wishing for it all to end.

The next morning Lucy remained angry with shades of Dulux ‘Buff It’ on her head (?) and flank, refusing to look at me. ‘Buff It’ is the darkest shade on the swatch, and the room looks awesome.


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