Monday, January 3, 2011

Dig. Plant. Water.

Okay I have to admit, Week 30 of this pregnancy is making me tiiiiired. My best intentions of hitting the garden early today just didn’t quite come to fruition, so at 6pm, the garden was mine.

Husband and I have a Garden Agreement (tm). I look after edible, he looks after ornamental. The Edible side suffered rather badly throughout my morning sickness which left the 8 bed enclosed vege patch feeling rather sorry for itself and wondering if it could pack up it’s troubles in an old kit bag and leave.

Things are looking much better now, with two beds of tomatoes (various varieties, a mix of grown from seed and picked up from the Sick Plant Stand at the hardware store), four types of carrots (Red Cored Chantenay, Royal Chantenay, Scarlet Nantes and Purple something…), Chioggia beetroots, Elephant garlic, BlackJack Zucchinis and one lonesome Ronde de Nice Zucchini that refused to die when all it’s mates did. There’s three beds spare awaiting a delivery of some new soil for planting.

Husband moved the pots around on the deck for me this morning and when I finally hit up the garden I put in 6 Honeysnap Peas and five lettuce plants. More potting mix is needed to put out the rest of the peas. I also put in four more rows of carrots (Scarlet Nantes and Purple …?) with interdispered rows of Chioggia beetroots and replaced a couple of dead tomatoes with some Oxheart tomato plants from the Sick Plant Stand.

I’ve got a grand vision of making the deck a summer oasis of green and edible. The wisteria winds its way through the bars of the deck fencing and makes the area nice and shady. By next spring the wisteria will be wound all around the deck and make it a gloriously fragrant area for me to sit with the baby, look at the river and watch the world go by.


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