Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few of my favourite things.

Last year I picked up this drawer from a great second hand shop in town. It came home, I cleaned it up and it sat in the workshop for months.

Then I liquid nails’d some bracing to the back of it and it sat in the workshop again.

Eventually, Husband brought it inside and it sat in the middle of the kitchen for day. And got moved aside. I came home on Saturday to find Husband in full swing gluing various things together and putting the drawer on the wall.

Apparently it took more than five minutes and less than ten. Which makes my months of procrastination TOTALLY worthwhile.

I’ve spent the last day or so putting my favourite things on it so I can enjoy them whilst I’m in the kitchen. There’s the guitar my sister painted for me, a mug I was given by my aunts friend when I was 5, the vase my Grandfather turned for me in 1988, a bell that was my great grandmothers, a tea strainer my mother gave me and a few bits and pieces.

I love having these things close by to look at. It reminds me of family I can’t see every day and of the memories we share.


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