Friday, January 7, 2011

Forgive me.

I actually did take this yesterday but am only getting around to posting today.

This is Mike, our Meyer Lemon tree. We’ve had him for a bit over 12 months and he thrived and grew tiny lemons and oh! He was tall and glorious. Then, one winter’s night Husband popped outside to find a wallaby making off with half of Mike. We were frustrated - it had been a constant battle of human V wallaby, possum, bandicoot all winter.

Wedding plans begged our attentions so we let Mike be with the intention of pulling him out. Springtime came and lo & behold, new luscious green growth was found. Husband put up a fence quick smart and Mike Meyer is back on his way.

He is now joined by Lizzie the Lisbon lemon tree, a late wedding present from my bestie who had heard of Mike’s demise but not return. Now there will be lemons galore!


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