Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not just a good looking Raspberry Tart.

As I mentioned yesterday, fatigue has been kicking my butt a bit in the last week or so. Yesterday my lovely lovely friend Beck turned up with her three munchkins to pay us a visit. She also turned up with bread rolls for everybody, bags and bags of baby clothes, bags of maternity clothes and four raspberry tarts.

She proceeded to feed her muchkins and my Husband set them up watching DVDs (he rather enjoyed Diego and Cat in the Hat I believe), and snuck off to my kitchen to do all the washing up and tidy. When that was done she wanted to hang out the laundry - but that was already done.

Whilst the men and boyfolk were engrossed in forbidden television she and I snuck off to procure peaches, apricots, cherries and apples for preserving and dehydrating. I’m rather enjoying the cherries right now - apricots will be ripe in a few days, and the peaches are still ripening up properly for dehydrating.

Beck and the boys left when we returned back from our produce adventures and I resumed lying in state on the couch. I was so very touched by her kindness and gentleness from a woman who truly understands the joys and tiredness of growing a little one.

Today there was two raspberry tarts left so Husband and I dispatched to work with one each. And they’re oh so tasty and remind me exactly of how much I love having beautiful friends like Beck in my life. The hardest part is trying to avoid putting raspberry tart all over my keyboard. Tough huh?


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