Sunday, January 16, 2011

One last hurruh!

Today was my last gig for the next little while… I say next little while because I don’t like to give a definite timing - things could change. But the next gig booked is in November and I’m looking forward to a break.

I spent the morning before my show pottering around the garden (but that’s tomorrow’s post idea, so shhh!) and after I’d weeded and thinned and weeded some more, then baked a loaf of bread I sat down.

(see picture 1 above)

This sitting down caper proved to be a poor idea. Firstly, it’s a lot harder to get up from the ground than it used to be, and secondly because it meant I lazed in the sun instead of getting ready for a gig.

But alas, ready I became so Kitchenhand Dave and I headed down to Cygnet for our last show at the Scout Hall. And it was such fun. The room was full, the audience lovely and we all had a great time. Lots of stories and lots of songs, laughter and smiles. Precisely how I think it should be.

And then my mate Ben McKinnon came on stage and played shaker and sang harmonies in our last song ‘Green Lights’.

Being the wonderful audience they were, they stayed put for a photo for me. (see second picture) Then lovely Ben insisted on another one with me in it. (see third picture, and mind that the massive belly doesn’t knock you out!) These are great keepsake pictures to have and I’m very glad I got them.

I’m so happy with our last show, and I hope the audience was as well. Time for a new phase in my life for a little while, but right now I’m off to relive today for a bit longer.


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