Sunday, January 2, 2011

Still preserving. Today it’s a 2kg bag of Fuji apples from a grower’s shed by the side of the road near Franklin.

I’m unsure if they’re this years or last, but they taste mighty sweet and mighty good. I also can’t recommend an apple peeler/corer machine for a task like this. Last year a friend and I took 90mins to peel, core and chop the same quantity. With this ingenious contraption it takes less than 20 minutes into the dehydrator.

On today’s list was shelling this year’s broad beans for winter. It’s only through sheer neglect that we have a dried crop at all. See, they all podded at the same time, and at the time when my morning sickness was at it’s worst. However, I digress. There’s plenty of broad beans for winter stews, some dried peaches in the freezer and a load of apples in the dryer. Apricots, more apples and more peaches. And it’s almost blackberry time…


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