Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Week In Review (or, how I promised myself to upload every day, but instead, got a bit tired.)

It’s Sunday here, which means a lazy morning filled with best housework intentions but the reality is I’m actually sitting here procrastinating instead. Vacuum? Whatever.

This week proved to be slightly nutty with late nights and early morning. Pregnastics, MonaFoma, midwives, antenatal classes, Midland Highway trips and lots of BBQs.

Let’s start with the first image shall we?

Crochet (pics 1 & 2)

I’ve long been a mad crochet lady, with several projects on the go at once and often hidden away in various corners of the house. My skills are relatively minimal and my speciality is round things. Tea cosies & hats are my favourites. This was a tea cosy birthday present, started in November as a tea cosy Christmas present, but urgently required finishing for posting. I was really happy with how this one turned out, and there’s more birthdays to come, which means more tea cosies to make! I intend to start liking another stitch as much as I like reverse edge shell stitch, so my cosies may have more than one style to them.


Husband and I are rather partial to a picnic, and as we live a considerable distance from town nighttime adventures require us (me!) to eat before we go anywhere. And as fun as it is to eating out, paying the mortgage is also fun so we find outselves needing to get clever about dinners not at home. So, we picnic and barbeque our way around the social calendar.

Hobart has lots of free picnic areas, and we’re completely in love with the Cascade Gardens in South Hobart. When we lived in the area we spent a lot of time meandering through the gardens in the summer sunshine and winter winds. Now, we spend a lot of evenings having a quick barbeque high above the rivulet. So simple and such a relaxing way to catch up with each other before the evening’s entertainment. Cool bag? Barbeque tongs and eggflip? Sauce? Bread? Meat from the freezer? Cold drinks? We’re ready.

PVT at MonaFoma

When Husband and I moved in together so many years ago we didn’t have a single double up in our CD collection. I had a hearty collection of singer/songwriters, but Hubs had this wildly varied collection of so many artists I’d never heard of.

Slowly slowly I discovered new styles of music and over the years have come to quite enjoy Massive Attack, Faithless, Hermitude, Astronomy Class and many many more. In 2008 Hubs came home with an album called ‘O Soundtrack My Heart’ by a band called Pivot.

When we were looking at the MonaFoma program Hubs discovered PVT (a name change was necessary due to legal issues) were playing for free on Thursday night. Another barbeque was required. ‘O Soundtrack My Heart’ made it into the car CD player for our journeys to town and back, and the title track became well and truly stuck in my head.

On Twitter I kindly requested of PVT that they play ‘O Soundtrack My Heart’ to make a heftily pregnant woman happy. You know - it’s the only song I could remember vividly, so it’d be lovely to hear it live. They kindly obliged. It was the most amazing live version that totally blew my mind.

We had set up camp by the wall with a picnic blanket and I spent the set time alternating between

  1. Standing (baby quiet) and

  2. Sitting (baby’s world totally rocked by mega bass notes and thus refusing to sit still. See #1.)
I snapped some pics on my phone using Hipstamatic and they turned out surprisingly well. A brilliant evening.

A Cat and her Pool Noodle

Lucy turned 5 on Wednesday and I can’t quite believe she’s now classified as middle aged! Here she is with her Pool Noodle that she drags around the house and kills with regularity. Lucy isn’t the best photo poser, and manages to move at the last minute most times. Alas, Pool Noodle is a good friend to Lucy and keeps her occupied for a lot of the day.

A rapidly shrinking lap

Lucy enjoys a morning sit on my lap to look out the window, lean back and have her belly and chest scratched. Space is becoming a premium, so she attempts to get comfortable whilst looking a bit put out at the same time. A few more weeks, Lucy, a few more weeks.

Delicious Snacks

Again with the dinners. I need to eat. Regularly. Sometimes without warning. Quotable quote of the weekend has been Husband saying ‘Can you please have something to eat so you’re less murderous? Please?’

This is my friend Charlotte’s Zucchini Pickle that arrived at our house in a delicious hamper at Christmastime. It’s wonderful with Jatz Crackers and cheese. So good!

A week in review. I need a nap.


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