Sunday, March 6, 2011

Clouds and Destruction

On our way back from the deep deep Southern South bits of Australia (Cockle Creek) last weekend, photographer Husband stopped in this logging coupe to see if the hills were clear.

As we both snapped away I was surprised to find I still feel the same emotions every time I’m in a logging coupe. Curiousity to see precisely how the land looks after logging, and before a burn, a level of disgust in myself for finding such a hideous act (for this is native logging) so beautiful and interesting to look at and sadness at how much waste is left behind to be burnt. Wood that could keep several hundred families warm for a cold Tasmanian winter, wood that could be turned into furniture, wood that could be turned into mulch at the very least.

I’m by no means opposed to sustainable forestry - as I sit at my desk made of wood, with it’s coasters made of wood and a notebook made of paper next to a box of tissues and on top of a deck of cards; but waste bothers me. And this strikes me as wasteful.

The clouds however, spectacular.


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