Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big Sister Cat Updates

Just so you know I can talk about things other than babies. Like cats. (Hold your horses folks, this gal’s a firecracker! What controversial topic will she talk about next?)

Lucy has coped quite well with Millie’s arrival. She avoided me like the plague for the first four weeks but has been integrating into our new lifestyle quite well. Or have we been re-assimilating into her lifestyle?

I think that Lucy has moved through the many stages of grief and has arrived at acceptance. Acceptance that the small furless noisy cat isn’t leaving. Acceptance that if you awaken a sleeping Mummy to notify her that said small furless noisy cat is waking up (often an hour before this happens) you will be forcibly ejected from the bedroom. Acceptance that sometimes your bowl is empty and your humans need a gentle reminder that you haven’t been fed today and are quite honestly wasting away to nothing.

Lucy’s also started hanging out with Millie and I during the day. Like, needing to be part of the action. Millie’s on Mummy’s lap? I NEED TO BE ON MUMMY’S LAP TOO. Millie and Mummy are having a snooze in the bed? I WILL BE ON THE BED TOO. Possibly in a highly inconvenient spot. Like the middle.

She’s very tender and sweet with Millie and I’m not in the slightest bit concerned about leaving her alone in the room with Millie. I think Millie would boof Lucy before Lucy would be any kind of trouble.

Big Sister Cat, you rock my world.


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