Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home is where the heart is…

Hubs and I love to explore where we live. It’s all too easy to pause your life, uproot and move to a new neighbourhood then press play again and keep on living. Until I was heavily pregnant and not driving anymore I think we’d pressed play on our life in the valley. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been plenty of heavy duty exploring through the Hartz Mountains, Geeveston hills, the back roads to Dover, but less of the local exploring.

When we lived in southern NSW we used to take a Sunday drive. We’d just get in the car and take all the windy back roads. We went to Collector, Crookwell, Nerriga, Lake George, to find the lake at Lake Bathurst (it dried up years ago!) and any dirt road we could find. We started doing the same through the Huon Valley. We’ve been up the back of Franklin, the hills behind Ranelagh, the back roads through Lucaston, and our latest jaunt up Scenic Hill drive in Huonville.

You can see Scenic Hill from my house. It is, indeed scenic. There’s a landowner who’s been burning off near Scenic Hill for weeks and when you’re driving into the Valley from town you can occasionally see a giant cross erected up the top of Scenic Hill.

We took the windy road up to the top, admiring houses, gawking at the view, discovering that there’s a LOT of swamp land near the banks of the Huon River, seeing some of the Huon water supply and getting perfect reception parked next to the telephone tower. Which is where I took these photos. This is where I live. Gorgeous huh?

And the final photo is the sunset from my joint. Yes indeedy, this is where I live.


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