Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jolly Jumpin’ Fun!

She was having far too much fun to be in focus. I’m so pleased that she’s big enough to play in this now. I’ve come to realise that days with a newborn are just a series of distractions. ‘Look a rattle!’
‘Here, a fluffy toy!’
‘Look, it’s your hands!’
‘Look, it’s my hands!’
‘CAT. Lucy is a CAT. Meow!’
‘Try a dummy. No? How about this dummy instead? No? What about this dummy? No? This one? No? Right.’
‘Hungry? Here. If you’re not going to focus I’ll put it away. Look. It’s gone. Oh, you’re hungry? Here you go.’
‘Look at the TV. It’s bright and shiny.’
‘Sleep is good. Shh. Shh. Good girl. Sleep. No. Close your eyes. This isn’t funny, Mummy isn’t looking at your smile. Stop being cute. Close your eyes.’ (repeat)

And then it’s time for bed. Would I change any of it? No.


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