Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From the kitchen…

This is Chris. He lives in the paddock directly behind my house. I’m often startled by his intense staring into our windows as we are down the slope from his paddock. It’s not that he’s rude about it, it’s more that one never really expects a massive horse to be peering in your windows.

He belongs to my neighbour’s grandson and is living out his golden years munching on grass and staring into my house. Until I found out otherwise I called him Javier, because that’s an appropriate horse name for a noble steed his size. Then my neighbour said ‘Chris the ‘orse’ and my romantic visions of a Proud Stallion were replaced with those of a Standard Country Horse. Chris is a gentle soul who adores rubs and carrots. I’m surprised the boundary fence has held up to his crushing weight as he leans into it to nibble on that elusive blade of grass ever far away from his paddock. He and Lucy often have little love stares at each other through the spare room window, and I can’t bring myself to tell one the actual size of the other. Love, huh?


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