Thursday, July 7, 2011

This is the face…

That keeps me up all night. I hear you saying ’Well duh Amy. Of course a baby will keep you up all night.’
And it’s true. But not with her sleep resistance, all singing, all dancing tap routines. She keeps me awake with her SLEEPING.
Rustle rustle. Snuffle. Snort. Fart. Rustle rustle. Sigh. Snuffle. Poo. Lather, rinse and repeat.
Since 5ish weeks she’s been a champion nighttime sleeper.* We got with the program at around 10 weeks and started putting her to bed by 7.30pm instead of 8.45. Then we tried for 7pm. I almost threw the towel in because my beautiful 7-9hr stretches baby suddenly went to 5-6 hours. And when you go to bed 3 hours after your baby, that’s not a lot of sleep. But we persisted and now she’s regularly sleeping 7-9hours at a time again.
But I digress. My fellow Mummy friends tell me that Oxytocin is the most wonderful natural hormone ever.
‘I just go straight back to sleep, it’s GREAT.’ says one.
‘I never woke up for the baby, my husband would bring them over to me.’ says my mother in law.
Not I. I toss and turn. Too hot. Too cold. What should I do tomorrow? I’m so tired. Why am I not asleep? WHY AM I NOT ASLEEP? Alternated with WHY AM I AWAKE ALREADY? THE BABY IS NOT AWAKE!
After the 3am feed Andy rolls on back to sleep with nary a sigh** and Millie snuffles for about 5 minutes before carrying on with her snoring. I look at the clock.
I took myself to the local naturopathic shop yesterday and they were reluctant to give me something to knock me out prescribe anything for fear I ‘wouldn’t hear my baby in the night’. That’s precisely what I want.
Until then I lie in bed with the bags under my eyes getting progressively bigger whilst listening to the two people I love the most in the world sleeping peacefully.

*before you murder me, you need to know that Millie is strictly anti-daytime sleep. I swear she whispered in my ear yesterday ‘Day sleeps are for losers Mum, and I’m so cool I’m ice cold.’

** I can trade this off by the giant sized strong cup of coffee he brings to my bedside whilst I feed Millie first thing in the morning. I will keep him.

(If you’ve read to the end I need to confess. I wrote this last night, then had a cup of herbal tea from the naturopathy shop w/two ibuprofen and took myself to bed. M slept from 7-4.45 and I slept from 9.30-4.30. Thank god.)


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