Friday, October 28, 2011

A Family Affair

When Mr S and I moved to Tasmania it didn't really phase us that we weren't close to our families. Not that we don't adore them, but we needed to live our own lives where we chose. My parents were still in Goulburn, and Mr S' in Young. My brother, sister and I haven't lived in the same house together since 1995ish, and they have made their lives in Canada, London, Mt Hotham, Airlie Beach, Margaret River, Sydney... pretty much everywhere.

But now there's a Millie involved? I miss them all. A lot. My phone bill is testament to this and Skype gets a heavy workout. I wish they were close. I want to drop in and say hi, have birthdays and Christmases and public holidays together. But short of Mr S and I uprooting our lives to live somewhere we don't love as much as Tasmania it's not going to happen.

My Dad was one of five brothers, all of whom I spent time with growing up. Now that my Dad has passed on, I love speaking to my Uncles because they remind me of Dad.

My Dad's youngest brother Matt and his partner Cheryl were in Tasmania this week and popped in to see us and Millie. They were only here for a few hours and I wished they could have stayed a lot longer.

Here's a few snaps that make me long for my family more and more...

With her Great-Uncle Matt.

Too cool for Pre-School.

Great-Uncle Matt, Millie & Great-Aunty Cheryl.

The look on Matt's face? Divine.


  1. Awww that is very bittersweet. When you see family you miss them so much more. It's hard that this wonderful country is so big and we decide to live all over it :(
    We are lucky that we have Skype and the internet these days, imagine waiting for a letter! As exciting as that is, Skype is better ;)

  2. I know just what you mean. I miss my family too. xx



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