Saturday, October 15, 2011

FFS Friday...

Gorgeous Sarah from Dear Baby G has started FFS Friday. What it stands for... well, I'll leave it to your imagination. (Hi Mum!)

I've tossed up whether or not to participate, because I'm really trying to be a font of positivity. But there's a few little niggles that popped forth in my sleep deprived brain...

On the highway to Hobart the sign that says 'Keep left unless overtaking' is fairly self explanatory, no? Tootling along at 80 in the overtaking lane when I'm consistently running late makes me wave my arms and want to tailgate. FFS.

While we're at it, when I overtake you doing 100 (the posted speed limit) you, in the left hand lane, realise that you've been doing 70 the whole time and decide that now is an opportune time to do the speed limit. FFS.

If you have to tap your brakes repeatedly to avoid hitting the car in front of you, you're driving too fast and you're tailgating. Three second rule. THREE. SECONDS. FFS.

Pray tell, why do the baby and the cat decide that 5pm is dual Arsenic Hour? FFS.

Dear Bogan Neighbour Across the Road,
I know you love your car. I can tell by the way you drive in the driveway and idle it for at least half an hour, twice a day. Sometimes I know you want to show it even more love by coming out and revving it for a little bit. Maybe you're wondering if it's actually working? Let me tell you... it works. P.S. Your dog barks. A lot.

I discovered this week that it seems to be true that big names in most professions have no ego. Small fry in most professions have massive egos. FFS.

This is cathartic.

Thanks Sarah!

Dear Baby G


  1. LOL, I don't drive so don't know much about that experience, but I've had my fair share of began neighbours in the past, and this revving their car motors for no apparent reason seems to be in their DNA. They don't even realise they're do it, it's like breathing to them.. Double arsenic with a cat thrown in sounds... fun, not.

  2. I should have added that it's the cat carrying on for wet food dinner from 4pm. I put the said stinky food in her bowl for her to turn her nose up and refuse to eat it until my husband comes home. So, I refuse to feed her and so the cycle continues... :)

  3. I think you rocked the FFS Friday Amy!. Also think it should be legal use profanity on the blogs once a week, sorry mums & HB!

  4. Keep em coming, laughed heartily at the observations.



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