Friday, October 21, 2011

FFS Friday

This week I said to myself 'No, I won't do it again, I'm focussing positively.'

Now, I scream say 'This is a healthy vent so I don't throw something at the wall.'

Millie learned to crawl properly this week. It's SO amazing that she's been wanting to celebrate Maggie-style by having a few drinks most nights. Some nights every 90 minutes or so. FFS.

In my scheduling mayhem at work it appears I forgot to schedule to prepare a press advert. I was probably too busy scheduling. Thus, I'm instructing a colleague how to do it from home with a baby who keeps hitting her head on the coffee table. FFS.

The cat has starting sleeping with us again. In the middle of the bed, which means Mr S gets no blankets and I get far too many and wake up hot every night. FFS.

Our teeny tiny car service turned out to be teeny in duration and absolutely massive in cost, wiping out the car account, when car registration is due this week too. FFS.

I really want Blogger to be supported by Apple, so I may blog from my iPad2. FFS.

Everything, everything appears to be a baby hazard. My entire house appears to be unsafe. FFS.

I get telemarketer-harassed at least three times per day. We are now on the Do Not Call Register but they're still ringing at the moment. And to Priceline Insurance, you keep ringing my mobile and not leaving a message. I googled your number, and until you leave me a message, I'm not calling you back. FFS.

No one calls me at home, then I'm on the phone to my mum, my mobile rings & call waiting goes off. All at once. Then M hits her head on something. FFS.

But really, all in all, this has been an amazing week. Millie's mastered crawling, says 'Dadadad', hands me things and is such a joy. Truly.

Dear Baby G

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  1. See Amy if you vent once a week you can enjoy the good stuff so much more! Millie is so clever! Maggie is still a happy baby blob :)



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