Friday, November 11, 2011

FFS Friday

On the tail end of an overtired, frustrating week that makes me wish I could handle hard liquor... here it is.
Perhaps we should call this Weekly First World Problems...

I swear, I understand about teething for poor Divine Miss M. Why? Because one of my wisdom teeth is coming through. Awesome. #FFS

Bogan Neighbours have been on fire this week. A loud, bogan argument between the residents in said Bogan House that consisted of a lot of shouting and sentences beginning with F-words. Apparently we f-n don't f-n understand that it's all his f-n stuff. F-n. #FFS

Bogan Neighbours have also been revving their cars for a good proportion of the day. #FFS

There's been a fly in the lounge room all day that despite my fervent thwacking with a newspaper efforts is still alive. #FFS

Mr S sleeps through most things. #FFS

Divine Miss M cannot sleep particularly well with her teething, and wakes up every four hours overnight. #FFS

By 6pm most days I don't want anyone to touch me. PERSONAL SPACE PLEASE. #FFS

Most of the pegs on my clothesline don't actually hold the washing in place. #FFS

Whilst sewing this week I was mere stitches from finishing and the sewing machine needle snapped in half. I live 'Out Of Town'. #FFS

That's it folks. There have been plenty of joys this week too, I'll fill you in later.

Dear Baby G


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