Friday, November 18, 2011

A Girl and her Daddy

On my last day off, when I baked Bretzels, I pottered around the house between baking times and spied on Mr S and Millie.

I watched them through the door between our lounge and dining rooms, and his face was lit up with such tenderness and pure joy at being in Millie's presence as they explored the lounge room.

I see the same expression on my father's face in the photos of us together when I was a baby.

It's only now that I have a daughter of my own that I realise the nature of relationships between girls and their Daddies. It's so very different than a mother's relationship with her baby girl.

Someone told me that Mums are for comfort and Dads are for playing. Millie LOVES to play with Mr S but when somethings wrong for her she starts with 'Mum. Mum. MUM. MUUUUM.' and comes crawling over to me. Then, when she's fed or snugged, back to Mr S she wanders. The irony of this is that during the night I am completely unable to settle her unless it's by a feed. Mr S excels at the rock rock pat pat sleepy dance.

It all started here... about two hours old.
When I look back through my pictures of Millie's first months I can see not only Mr S's love for his little girl, but their bond together has been there from the very beginning. She drinks him in and catalogues his love for her and forms her own love for him.

24 hours old here and oh so curious.

Two days old and she's besotted.

Throughout the coming months I catalogue all of our experiences together. Mr S is a fabulous father, rocking Millie to sleep in the wee hours, helping me get the hang of this breastfeeding malarkey, doing all of our housework and working full time to provide for us, and of course, showing Millie the ropes of our everyday life.

Mr S showing Millie the ropes in our studio.

On my one full work day per week it's 'Daddy Daughter Day'. He sends me photos of their adventures together that melt my heart. He's got a really crappy camera on his phone, so bear with me.

Hanging out in the Botanical Gardens

Smiles for Daddy!

On the beach. She kept grinning after this shot.

Looking stylish.
He loves to carry her in our ErgoBaby backpack and gets a lovely tiny smile when he sees that she's gone to sleep all snuggled in on his chest.

Walking in the hills behind our house.

Shopping with Dad.

Having Millie has made me enjoy such simple pleasures again and when you stop to see the world through her eyes - it's such a joyful, fascinating place. And as a parent it's fun too - when else can you justifiably sing and dance up the supermarket aisles?

We've started taking Millie swimming and he gently swishes her through the water, his hands firmly around her chubby middle. She loves it. He loves it more too.

Swimming! Yeah!

Whenever I see the two of them playing together it reminds me of the kid's song 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt'. They explore everything together and I'm reminded precisely of why I wanted to have children with this man.

'We're going on a bear hunt / I'm not scared'

No matter how sleepless our nights or crying filled our days when he talks about Millie his voice is always filled with love and pride. He is unwavering in his love for being a father and husband. Millie and I are lucky ladies.

As this photo was taken she said 'Dad'.

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  1. Amy I just love reading your stories. So glad your Mum posts them on Facebook for all to see.


    Val in Adelaide



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