Friday, December 2, 2011

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

This week has been such that if I began to unleash the FFS... it'd never stop. Between professional woes and sick baby woes it's been... woeful.

So, with a dash of FFS I bring you Shiny Things Friday.

Poor M has been out of sorts for a good week or two and last Saturday morning I changed her bum to find two purple spots on the soles of her feet that had me shrieking at Mr S that we had to go to the Dr IMMEDIATELY and ringing the Dr and the Parent Health Line (yes, you can open a confidential file, yes, I've called before, yes, she's breathing normally, yes, she's pink and responding, yes, she's got a temperature, yes, her nappy is WET, yes WHAT THE HELL ARE THE DOTS LADY?). We wound up at the Dr and it turns out it's a viral rash that's related to a... wait for it... virus. Probably Hand, Foot and Mouth. Panadol, water, cuddles. Call daycarer who has to notify the parents etc etc.

A week later and she's a cranky, feverish snotball who either can't sleep one iota or is epically sleeping. A 3 hour nap at daycare? SERIOUSLY? (and after I typed this she pulled 2hrs 45m for me. yessssss.)

And now, Mr S and I are feverish achy snotballs. Mr S declared Millie and I have to Man Colds and himself a Lady Cold. He's gone to work today. I wimped out yesterday and I ache from head to toe today.

So.. the shiny things about this week.

We've been spending a huge amount of time playing with PhotoBooth on the iPad.

Millie PhotoBooths her chompers.

Sleepy naps whilst Mama watches her stories.

I have been Getting Healthy and taking M on long walks around Huonville. Oh, the view!

Watching M discover new things... admittedly I'd rather be sleeping...

She's become obsessed with her Bumbo chair. I left the room for 30 seconds last week and she's worked out how to tip the contents of her sippycup into the Bumbo and was having a great time.

I've been sewing. I'm so pleased with how this turned out.

Millie got mail from Maggie G. More pictures soon.
So all in all, it's been an equal parts FFS and Shiny week. What's been ace and crap about your week?

This is part of Sarah at Dear Baby G's FFS Friday. I for one am VERY glad she's decided to keep blogging.

Dear Baby G


  1. oh this is so precious Amy. I love all the photos so much. Very embarrassed I sewed you something after seeing the gorgeous apron!! I hope DMM is feeling better very soon and you & Mr S too xx mwah

  2. No! I absolutely adore the dress. The apron is the first thing I've made to a pattern... ever. And I unpicked and restitched so many times. I LOVE your sewing - I'm too daunted by clothes!

    DMM is a bit better today... still sooky but that means lots of cuddles!

    Smooch Maggie for me! xo



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