Friday, December 9, 2011

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Err. No pictures today. We've all succumbed to the 'Baby doesn't sleep, so we all don't sleep so we all get sick. We can't get better because the baby doesn't sleep, so we don't sleep.' dance that is part and parcel of parenthood.

It all began a few weeks back when Millie developed the purple spots on her feet, which was thought to be perhaps Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. However, no blisters developed and she took a good week or so to recover, so we chalked it up to a cold. In the middle of that I began to feel awful, so I had a few rest days from work and laid on the couch, or sewed.

In hindsight, I'd been unwell for awhile, but I'm either a complete hypochondriac or denial queen. So when I look back I think
'Two days of chills? Sick.' I thought it was odd, but whatever.
'Aching joints and muscles? Sick.' I thought it was from walking up hills.
'Exhausted but unable to sleep? Sick.' I thought I was just being an idiot.
'Aching, tight chest and wheezing? Sick.' I thought it was weird, but it'd go away.

It was only when this went on and on, I lost my voice ('Hallelujah!' I hear everyone I know say.), couldn't stop coughing and got worse and worse that I thought perhaps something was really up. I went to the chemist for some cough suppressant and the Pharmacist looked me in the eye and said 'Are you short of breath?'
Me: 'No.'
Her: 'You're wheezing.'
Me: 'No. Really?'
Her: 'Yes. Please go to the doctor.'
Me: 'Naw. I'm fine. Can I have some cough suppressant please? This cough is giving me the shits. Everyone else in my household is sleeping and I AM NOT.'
Her: 'Really. Please. I'm not giving you a cough suppressant. I'm thinking Bronchitis or Pneumonia. Go the doctor please.'
Me: 'Mutter mutter.'

I took myself to the Dr the next day and after she quizzed me about Whooping Cough immunisations (we all are) she took a sample for testing and gave me antibiotics to deal with the bronchitis. Then the Pharmacist gave me some cough suppressant. Praise jeebus. I also had to send Mr S and Millie to be tested for Whooping Cough, and while Mr S also has Bronchitis, Millie has an ear infection.

This is one of those times I feel like a dumb parent.

Dr: 'Has she been tugging her ear?'
Me: 'Um. Yes. But she does that all the time.'
Dr: 'Yeeeah. Ear infection. I'm surprised you didn't know sooner.'
Me: 'Oh. Huh.' We thought she was the brightest she'd been for weeks.

Then the same train of thought happened.

Millie shaking her head all the time? Ear infection.
Millie pulling her ear and looking sad? Ear infection.
More importantly: MILLIE NOT SLEEPING FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS. Ear infection.

That's enough FFS for today.

Shiny Things Friday
Being sick really sucks. But endless episodes of Castle, How I Met Your Mother and Mythbusters does not.

In the midst of all this illness, Mr S sent me to sleep in the spare room for a night to try and get some rest. I do secretly think he was sick of all my coughing, but at any rate I don't think I've ever made a bed so quickly in my entire life. I starfished and put the radio on my iPad, prepared for a full 8 hours of sleep. It didn't happen. I hacked and spluttered and still woke up to the baby crying minutes before Mr S did. Bless his heart, sending me away was possibly the nicest thing he could have ever done.

Speaking of Mr S, contrary to my belief that I am a gracious and low-maintenance patient, I have realised that I am not. I am the biggest grumpy grumpleston out. I think I'm lucky to still have a husband. He's lucky I'm feeling better now.

To further feed my sewing addiction I just packed Millie in the car and we drove up to the local curtain shop. When we entered my heart leapt with joy at the ENTIRE WALL OF BEAUTIFUL FABRICS. Everything I could have possibly needed or wanted. Relatively well priced, but if it means I never need to go to Spotlight again, I'm a happy gal. It just got better when she led us out to her workroom, pulled up a giant bin of fabric samples and told me to take whatever I wanted. Then when I enquired about magnetic fasteners she nipped back out with handfuls of fasteners and explained to me how they all worked. And then when I admired some of the fabric being made into curtains she sold it to me, as well as another remnant oh so very cheaply. I love small towns for this level of service. And it was made all the better by the fact she carried it all out to my car and wished me a Merry Christmas. She's got my business.

Big cuddles with Millie. I held her close this morning when she couldn't sleep and we swayed around the bedroom with her snuggled oh so tightly into me, and I kissed her face until she slept. Man, she smells good. I want to catalogue that smell forever.

How's your week? What's the FFS? What are the Shiny Things?


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