Friday, December 16, 2011

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Um. Yes. It's been a week since I last bored you shitless my last confession.
What a week.

  • Actually, what a month. Millie got sick. Millie got better. Millie stopped sleeping. We got sick. Millie still didn't sleep. We got sicker. Millie got sick again. Millie started sleeping. We were so sick we couldn't sleep. We got better.
  • I spent 5.5 hours in the emergency room on Wednesday, whilst Mr S and Millie were in the Valley. It felt like a million miles away. I am fine now. But, the unforeseen logistics of this day meant that all the frozen milk was gone, and Mr S discovered the hard way that Millie would not like a one off bottle of formula thankyouverymuch. We've all never been so happy to see each other. FFS.
  • My internet connection dropped out and I lost half of this post. FFS.
  • Being unwell has meant I've been home a lot, and sometimes HOME ALONE (swoon) whilst M is at day care. However, being unwell means I've been lying on the couch looking at the craft projects I want to be doing, but needing to stay put instead. FFS.
  • Whilst I was typing this, Millie went quiet. Hmm. Always a problem. I found her eating a box of tissues (where from?). FFS.
  • Mr S, myself and M are all fully vaccinated against Whooping Cough. However, there was still a chance we'd contracted it as there is an outbreak in Tasmania right now. Why an outbreak? The amount of parents choosing not to vaccinate. Whooping Cough is deadly. Why? Why? Why? Whilst I am pro-choice I find this hard to reconcile when the choices we make affect more than just ourselves. FFS.
  • Meryl Dorey of the AVN being given a platform to speak at Woodford Folk Festival. Which is being held in one of the areas of Australia with the highest rates of Whooping Cough. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday
The nice bit of the week!
Millie is turning into a chatty pants. She chases Lucy around all day yelling 'TAT. TAT. TAT.' When she wants food she stands by the high chair making lip smacking noises. When I got home after my hospital fun day she woke up, sat bolt upright in the cot and said 'MUM.' Usually she saves 'Mum' for pain or hunger. And the cooing, the little noises that she makes all day are adorable. And last night Mr S and I lay in our bed laughing ourselves silly listening to her snoring. Cutest. Snoring. Ever.

Laydeepants took this on the weekend. My girl is gorgeous.

We were out Christmas shopping on Monday evening, and M had to eat dinner on the run.

She spent ages inspecting this on Sunday. 

I steamed some carrot and zucchini as finger food for M the other night.

Mmmmm... zucchini.

We went to the town the other day, so of course one must wear her Best Dress.

Helping Dad run her bath.

'HEY MUM! I'm about to HAVE A BATH.'

Happy weekend y'all. Head on over to Sarah and check out everyone else's FFS Fridays.

Dear Baby G

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