Friday, December 30, 2011

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Yikes - Friday's almost over!

Millie got a cold for Christmas. She woke up Christmas day snotty and snuffling. She was in fairly decent spirits all day but the last few days have been face-blisteringly hard. FFS.

Millie is still hating on sleep. I sobbed intermittently all of last week through sheer exhaustion. Our nights have resembled something along the lines of 10.30, 12.30am, 1.30am, 2.30am, 3.30am, 4.15am and usually ending at 5am when Mr S takes over and I get 90 minutes of solid sleep. She has no desire to catch up during the day, only sneaking in an odd 30 min kip perhaps twice a day. FFS.

Except for when she goes to daycare. This week's she's cracked two three hour day sleeps. FFS.

I thought she might have had another ear infection, so we went back to the doctor. Nope. This time it's Just A Virus. Pain relief and cuddles are the only prescription. FFS.

Someone blocked me on Twitter a while back for reasons unknown to me. Except they keep referencing me in conversations which makes me think that it's a Twitter bug. And I can't tell them because they've blocked me. So time after time I keep being reminded that they've blocked me because I can't see the whole conversation and need to trawl back through manually. I hate that The Internet still makes me feel like it's high school sometimes. Ugh. FFS.

We've been tidying. The week between Christmas and New Year's seems to herald a DIY bug in Mr S. He (very kindly) purchased me a new desk from our new local tip shop. However to get it in the house has required rearranging of three different rooms. And all the stuff to be 'gone through'? Mine. What do I dislike more than capsicum? 'Going through' stuff. FFS.

Speaking of the Tip Shop today, I know that Mr S has a fond love for all things re-usable and loves himself a Tip Shop. After we spent Tuesday 'Going Through' kitchen and hall cupboards Mr S put together a box of things to take to the Tip Shop (Visit #2). Where he purchased my desk. He then went back to pick it up (Visit #3).

I took Millie out to the Tip Shop today to have a look for a new cupboard (long story) and as I walked around this new fancy Tip Shop I thought 'Huh, that insulated bottle case matches my other nappy bag. Oh, Mr S must have brought it here, that's fair, I don't really use it.' I keep wandering and start seeing lots of VARIOUS KITCHEN ITEMS that I did not know where destined for the tip shop. Mugs and tea strainers and plenty more things. However, I rally to the occasion and the inner Bookseller within me came out, and in no time at all I sold a lady my entire Linda Fairstein and David Baldacci book collection next to the second hand TVs. FFS.

When I mentioned seeing all my stuff there to the delightful lady running the tip shop she said to me 'Oh! You must be Mr S' wife! He told us all about you and the bub! Now, this stereo amp you're buying isn't yours already it is?''. Jeebus wept. They've only been open for a week or so and Mr S has been there 3 times. And she wanted to make sure that I wasn't re-buying stuff that Mr S had taken to the tip shop! FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

  • Boxing Day saw me buy a new sewing machine. Four days later I unpacked it out of the box and it  is glorious.
  • Millie's communication is off the show lately. Shaking her head when she doesn't want any more food, handing you things, shoving food in our mouths, gently patting Lucy, putting the round shape in the round hole of her shape stacker and so much more.
  • Speaking of Lucy, Millie went at Lucy like a madwoman the other day. Lucy freaked out and haughtily moved away, only to have Millie crawl straight past her, pick up her new book and take it back to Lucy and show it to her. Lucy couldn't believe her overreaction to Millie but in true feline style kept up the indignant ruse.
  • My new desk is freakin' awesome. It's huge and has lots of room for things. I will attempt to keep it clear of things.

Last Friday I got my hair cut off and gained a fringe.
Loving it.

I took M on the swings at our local park.
She was appropriately dressed for running.

Christmas Morning 2011.
Contrary to her expression, Lucy enjoyed this.

Hoot kept his eyes on Millie on Christmas Day.

New swimmers with wings make you fly!

'A ball Mummy? You're hilarious!'

Dear Baby G

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  1. I save your FFS friday to read on a Saturday because it makes my heart sing. It's the best start to my weekend. Love you guys xx



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