Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Let's kick it like it's 1995...

*** Update ***
I confess, I assumed something about Blogger. That if you commented on a post I'd be able to email you. Alas, unless I'm missing something. If you've left a comment below can you please shoot me an email to mrssmyth AT amykendall DOT com DOT au so we can get this mix tape party started. Yikes. Sorry folks!

In 1995 I was 12, I was in year 7 at school and I was given my first CD. It was No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom and it was the most amazing thing. My sister owned the only CD player in the house so I would sneak in to play it. She would keep a notepad by her CD player with the order of CDs in her 5 CD player so she would know if I'd been in there. She also didn't think that this meant I knew which order to put them back in... similar to the time she put a padlock on her door to keep us all out. She put the padlock on the outside of the door.

But I digress.

16 years on (sixteen years?! What?*) I still own that CD and it's the heaviest, clunkiest CD I've ever handled. Technology has evolved and changed so much since then, and unless you're like Mr S and obsessed with physical CDs and artwork (and as a musician I'm so glad there's still people like him about) CDs are a bit obsolete.

I love a good mix tape. And by tape, I mean CD. I don't have the patience to sit with my stereo and pause and play CDs whilst negotiating the tape deck. Can you still buy blank tapes at any rate? I know you could put some sticky tape over the copyright hole on an old one if someone's flicked the tab off... but CDs are a lot easier.

In 2009 I made a Mix Tape (CD) of my favourite songs from that year. Not songs that were necessarily released that year, but my favourite songs for the year. I burned a copy for a friend and he vowed to send me his... I'm still waiting. Sad face.

I sat down last night and went through my iTunes and found my favourite songs for 2011 and I've compiled a 2011 Mix Tape (CD). And I thought we might like to swap. What do you think?

If you think this is an ace idea, and I really hope you do, leave a comment here and I'll contact you for your postal address. Then we can swap our 2011 Mix Tapes (CD) and all enjoy some new music.

Before I leave you to get commenting and excited about new music I want you to know that the entire time I've been typing this I've been singing Prince's 1999 with the words 'Tonight we're going to party like it's 1995.'

I defy you not to sing it as you read it.

*I'm so tired that I typed twenty six years and had to have a looong hard think about how old I am and how surprised I was that I was that age. After a few minutes I worked out that twenty six years would make me 38. Which I'm not.


  1. I love a good Mixed Tape Amy. Count me in. I did this for a lady at work which ranged from Mo... Nope I'll surprise you, I have a varied collection from Mexican to Gypsy Jazz to Psy Trance (not sure if I like the latter though but it's there!)

  2. Count me in too Amy! I love mix tapes :)

  3. So This is what you were talking about today. Count me in. Although I do have problems figuring out what songs come from what year

  4. Sounds like a plan! My iPod needs revitalizing.



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