Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mrs Smyth... is bitten by the sewing bug.

Someone send help. I can't stop sewing.

I didn't let my lack of sewing skills stop me. I read the Apron Pattern (it's a Simplicity one) several times, sewed things, unpicked things, ironed lots and went slooowly. And that is quite a departure from my usual smash and grab crafty pursuits. This took time. And I loved it.

These are special christmas presents for special little people and I think they'll like them. Now, Millie certainly needs an apron, and I can think of other little people who do as well.

Aside from anything else about the aprons, check out the pleats above. PLEATS. I love them.

Someone pointed out to me that Etsy sell sewing patterns... oh dear. It's purses next I think.

What's your latest sewing/crafty obsession?


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