Friday, January 6, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

My first whinge for the year! But that also means the first gorgeous shiny pictures for the year too.

Mr S and I have changed. New Years Eve rolled around and we were both so tired we couldn't find the energy beyond having a couple of drinks and watching shitty TV. We brushed our teeth at 11.45pm in preparation for being in bed at 12.01am. FFS.

Millie has reached another developmental milestone and is now far happier to eat Big People Food. This means no more wrestling matches with a spoon at mealtimes, but also comes with the added bonus of food EVERYWHERE. And eating takes FOREVER. FFS.

The weather got hot here. So hot I refer to it as Stupid Hot. It was 29oC in our bedroom for two nights consecutively. Ergo, Millie couldn't sleep. Ergo, none of us could sleep. FFS.

Not that we ever sleep anyway. FFS.

I grumped about the house on Tuesday in preparation for going to work on Wednesday. I grumped around the house on Wednesday morning in preparation for going to work in an hour. I grumped in the car all the way to work. I grumped up the stairs, I grumped my computer on, I grumped through my emails and then I checked my diary. Horrified, I ran out to the leave calendar. Yes, you guessed it. I'M ON LEAVE UNTIL MONDAY. FFS.

My boss politely suggested that as it was my own fault for going to work I might like to do some work whilst I'm there. FFS.

I did. FFS.

Millie has finally taken a dummy, and I find it less stressful (for me) for her to have a dummy in sometimes during the day. Why? I'm not worried about what she's eating. No matter how clean my house is, she can always find something dangerous to eat. She's smart like that. FFS.

Last night I picked up a Christmas toy that had a bell sewn into it to find the bell missing. I immediately panicked, then reasoned with myself that she must be ok because she's not crying or not breathing. Then I wondered if Mr S would notice if I picked Millie up and gently shook her to see if she jingled, then I rehearsed the conversation I would need to have with Mr S in a moment about the missing bell... only to go and find him and say 'Mr S... the bell....' and him to say 'Yes. I took it off.' Oh. FFS.

Bogan Neighbour Installment: they appear to not own a stereo/radio/music blaster inside their house, only in their doofy cars. On New Years Day we had bad doof doof (because Mr S and I like good Doof Doof) going from 8am. FFS.

Sarah, Hippy Brad, Maggie and troops are going on a holiday to Bali. I don't really feel the pull towards Bali, but MY GOD I'd love to go on a holiday. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday
Lucy likes pats.

They're becoming firm buddies.

A Mum-sized bag. I'll be putting these in my shop for sale.

In the Stupid Hot Millie & I got the pool going outside.

Can't stop sewing. Another Apron.
I love this material and the colours so very much.

Big people food. Ridiculously cute.


Out for a Monday drive. She drives good.

Making a bag for me! Fell in love with this fabric and bought up big.

Peaches everywhere! That is a 3kg box for $12, and another box of seconds for $5.
Winner. Straight from the farm gate - they are amazing!

I bought a button making kit. Deliriously excited.

Sarah told me about Hairy Lemon. It's bloody brilliant.

The final product! I love this bag - a post to come shortly.

The finished apron. It's for a 1-2y/o and super cute.

Misty view across the paddocks this morning. Mist on the mountains, the river and the dam. Gorgeous!

The only time in your life when leggings are pants.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Dear Baby G


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