Friday, January 20, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Here's a double dose of FFS for you, after I forgot about last week's post...

I've been a grumpy grumpy lady. Post holiday blues, dirty house blues, just gots the blues. Week before last ended with Mr S saying 'Oh, what's wrong? You get angry about everything I say to you. What. Is. The. Problem?'

  • Mr S is a tidier. The Sunday before last we tag teamed Early Morning Millie and he went back to bed. I found him shifting piles of stuff (mine) into the dining room. I'm pretty sure my eye twitched because it was My Stuff that he'd moved. Stuff that didn't have homes because our house has no storage. Stuff I was not ready to deal with. FFS.
  • I stepped over it all week in a passive aggressive protest then it got to me. I threw a mini tanty on Sunday and Mr S & I went gangbusters. I am now the proud owner of a Craft Room, that happens to have a dining table in it. Shiny Thing/FFS.
  • Millie has evolved into biting and hitting. Uncool. FFS.
  • We've had a week of Millie hysteria if we
    a) leave the room.
    b) take dangerous items off her tiny person.
    c) look at her sideways. Tell me it's just a stage. Please. Dear. God. FFS.
  • Thanks to the Home Routines iPad App I have turned into a washing up and general daily housework freak. Why a freak? I like to tick off the stars in the daily routines app. I NEED APPROVAL. From an App. FFS.
  • I've never spent so much time scrubbing the high chair. I feel like it's all I do and I let Millie eat in other places because I don't want to scrub the high chair again. FFS.
  • Lucy the Cat has new fancy dry food. Mr S works in a pet supply shop and buys Lucy premium food now. She's a much bigger fan of the new dry food than the old one, to the point where she picks out the new food from the bowl and leaves the rest of it. Then she told me all about it 5.20am, which was precisely 25 minutes after I went back to sleep. I want to have a conversation with Lucy about starving cats in Africa... FFS.
  • Mr S has been using my computer more frequently recently because it's always on... and it's got Command and Conquer on it. He commented about how untidy my desktop is and how many tabs I have open in Chrome and how could I ever find anything? I gave him the finger with my eyes. FFS.
  • This week I parked in the central Hobart parking garage and went to work. Upon my return two bloody great big poodles voiced their opinion about the dust all over my car and it took me a few moments to remember that they were locked in the car and couldn't bite me. Then I realised they were locked inside a car. The windows were down, but what sort of pet owner leaves their dogs in their car whilst they go shopping? FFS.
  • The Bogan Neighbours (tm) are still featuring highly. Their staffy was out again, and though it stayed on the BN's property it growled and barked at us from across the road. And growled and barked louder at Mr S when he went to shut our gate to protect us from this manic dog. Why? Millie was frolicking in her pool. No dogs, thanks. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday
We've been playing House Tetris since Boxing Day and I think we're almost done. By 'We've been playing' I mean Mr S has been moving things and making piles. By 'We're almost done' I mean I have gone through many piles of stuff. We are due at the Tip Shop again today.
Ski bunny in err... January.

I finally finished her skirt. It's super cute! (and will fit until she's 4.)

I lost her in the house. I found her talking to her friend in the mirror.

Hi sweet tooth! Neapolitan marble cake with childhood style strawberry
rot-your-teeth icing. Delicious!

Laydeepants and I had our Laydee Day on Sunday and sewed all day. Blissful.

This is what I finished on Laydee Day. It's called the "Shazza Apron"
and I made it for my mother-in-law for her birthday.**

Millie & I on our walk to Lymington foreshore this week.
I love the thoughtfulness in her eyes here.

Part of the Craft Room. All the labelled boxes make me nerdily excited.

It's Lucy's 6th Birthday today. We love her lots and lots and lots.

No words needed.
 We have started moving Millie in to her own room. All of her stuff is in there, she's been in there for three nights... so have we. We will move back to our room tonight I think...
I have surprised myself because I was all 'YEAH BABY IN HER OWN ROOM BRING IT ONNNNNN!', and Mr S was wise to me. He said 'I think we should sleep in there for a few nights, so she's comfortable... you too.'
On her first night in there I went into our room to get a book and started howling (hormonally, of course). I realised that she'll never be a baby again and she'll never sleep in our room again.
However, today I am wise to myself and I cannot wait to not hear every snort, snuffle, fart or sigh. But I think I will secretly sneak in every now and then, just to hear her breathing...

Millie's bedrooom in progress.

Her Secret Santa romper from my online mother's group. So. Cute.

**Lucy and Sharon (my Mother-In-Law) share a birthday. We are sometimes guilty of remembering one birthday because we've remembered the other one...
The funny part of calling Sharon 'Shazza' is that she is half-English, half-Scottish, so her accent is very Proper Australian... a la a 50's newsreader. She calls herself Shazza and it's hilarious.

I missed Sarah's conversation so very much while she was away. Go over and see her here at Dear Baby G to see her Post-Bali FFS. Do you even *get* to have a post-international holiday FFS? Hmmmmm.

Dear Baby G


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