Friday, January 27, 2012

FFS Friday

  • We moved Millie in to her own room last week, and we finally moved out of her new room back in to our room. As soon as we did that she started sleeping 8-10hours without waking. Why didn't we do this sooner? FFS.
  • We move back in to our room and I close my eyes preparing for my first full night's sleep in 18 months. I cannot sleep. I miss the Millie Sounds. I spend the night trotting back and forth to her bedroom to hear her breathe. FFS.
  • Now we're all sleeping the cat has regressed and needs to wake me several times a night to tell me that she's hungry. I kick her off the bedside table several times a night. On occasion I storm out to the kitchen point to THE COMPLETELY FULL FOOD BOWL and go back to bed. FFS.
  • Every single time Lucy the cat is all 'OH MY GOD. There IS food in the bowl. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.. where'd you go?' FFS.
  • I found a travel pack of Swisspers Cucumber Facial Wipes in my drawer and they have become my new crack cocaine of an evening. I have two left. I dropped the packet in the cat litter this morning and forgot to pick it up to wash thoroughly until I saw Lucy using the litterbox. Oh. FFS.
  • Bogan Neighbour Update: their dogs bark a lot. Their cars are horrendously noisy. Nothing new, really. FFS.
  • Millie has begun to shake her head when she
    a) doesn't want any more food.
    b) does want more food.
    c) doesn't want to feed.
    d) does want to feed.
    e) knows that she's touching something naughty (i.e. the bin) and we will tell her 'no'. We're working on how to nod now for yes, but until then my mind reading skills are still in high demand. FFS.
  • She also points at everything and says 'That'. Except when she's pointing at Lucy, then she says 'Cat'. When she doesn't want to go to sleep at night she lays in my arms and points at my nose, my lips and my gums. When she's pointing at my gums, and making contact with my gums (ow!) I'm oh so tempted to bite her finger. Sounds awful, doesn't it? But it's a reflex reaction and whilst I haven't nipped that pointing finger I'm tempted to so she'll never scratch my gums again. FFS.
  • Mr S and I shared a bottle of wine last night for the first time in two years. Between wanting to have a baby, being pregnant and breastfeeding 24/7 I hadn't had a decent drink in a long time. It was bloody lovely and we had an ace time sitting on the deck watching the sunset whilst Millie slept inside. I am however mildly more tired than normal. I suppose it's a form of a hangover? More coffee please. FFS
  • Yum!
    View from the dinner table last night.
  • Millie is dropping feeds left right and centre and I fear my days of eating a chocolate bar a day a lot may be on the downslide as my metabolism begins to slow down after being hyper-productive. Hmmm. FFS.
Shiny things tomorrow. I'm hungover mildly more tired than normal.
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