Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shiny Things... er... Tuesday

Ok. So perhaps I've misplaced some Blog Mojo right now. It's been hot and humid and headachey and... mildly tiring.

Presenting: Shiny Things Tuesday.

I tried to take some pics of my fabric stash. I had halp.

Millie & Lucy plotting their escape to Vegas together.

Millie suggesting some home decorating ideas to Lucy.
Lucy quite clearly doesn't give a toss.

Every night after I wash the dishes I set out our morning cups.
L-R: Coffee, tea, weetbix.

Millie is very pleased with sitting in a big girl trolley.
She swung her legs back and forth and grinned at everyone.

My friend Kate Gordon has a new book out.
I am SO proud of her. This is book #3 for her - I remember
when we would man the counter at the bookshop together.

The sunset from my house. I adore the colours we see here.

Sewn pleats for a secret project...

Millie at the pool, shoving as much banana in her
mouth as humanly possible.

Beautiful Lucy is beautiful.

A finished nappy clutch bag for a special lady, Sarah.
AKA my first sale! 
What's been shiny in your week?


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