Thursday, January 12, 2012

Texts Between New Parents #2

Mrs S: Hi Hi, can you please bring home some cake? *

Mr S: You want me to make cake?
Mrs S: I was going to have a lovely bit of cake w/coffee & there's a tiny scrap left. I swore there was more this morning...

Mr S: There waaaas... :-O
Mrs S: <text silence>

Mr S: There is one piece left. I will keep it 4 u. Because I am an excellent husband.
Mrs S: Correct. And, I'm guessing you want me to make more cake.
Mr S: <text silence>

*This was the calm version of 'Millie has finally stopped screaming and gone to bed, I thought I'd sit down and have a BIG FAT HUNK OF CAKE to make myself feel better. Instead there is a tiny dry sliver of cake left. WHERE IS IT? I KNOW YOU TOOK IT.'


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