Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When Millie got mail...

Back in November Millie & I finished our breakfast, threw a little tanty (Millie), washed our dishes (me), wiped one's face (Millie) and headed out to check the mail. And that day there was an Express Post Parcel all the way from WA.
When we opened it we found this:
'Curious Mum... CAN YOU OPEN IT NOW?'

And inside was a beautiful hand made dress from Maggie... who at 7 months is a dab hand with the sewing machine. I hear that Sarah may have helped...

Millie was very excited to see the dress.

And inspect it thoroughly.
Such a beautiful red dress! However, weather circumstances prevented wearing of such a beautiful dress. Until now.


'It's perfect Mum, easy to move around in.'
She looks so beautiful in red.

'Perfect for a Monday drive in the country.'

Thank you Sarah & Maggie. We love it.

**This face is known in my family as 'Kendall Face'. There are thousands of pictures of all of us doing this face in pretty much every photo. I'm glad Millie has at least two genetic links to me, because she's all Daddy!


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