Friday, February 3, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Let the first world whinging commence!

  • It was 39 degrees celcius at my house on Sunday. Uncool. There's a reason we choose to live 42degrees south. FFS.
  • In this heat Mr S called me to the window and asked me to pick what was wrong with this picture. After we ascertained that I was not looking for a snake outside I noticed that the Bogan Neighbours had their fire on. It was 36 degrees at this point. What?! FFS.
  • At the tender age of 10 months Millie has managed to chip her front tooth. After the extensive orthodontia Mr S and I have both been on the pointy end of we hoped that Millie would have nice teeth until teendom. FFS.
  • I made an appointment with the local chiro for next week. It's been months since I went, and let's face it, carrying around a 9kg baby for a lot of a day tends to mess with your back. No problems when I booked the appointment, but the very next day it became obvious that something is really really wrong with my back and neck. 5 days to go. FFS.
  • Millie has taken to mimicking behaviour. 90% of the time this is ace. The other 10% of the time was when she threw a full blown 3 year old tantrum after a 3 year old threw the same tantrum at our house the day before. Thank jeebus she's only done this once so far. FFS.
  • I took Millie to a BBQ on Saturday and we had a great time. I was flustered when we left, and wondered for 20km if I'd turned the iron off. So I turned around and drove 20km home to find that of course, yes, I had turned the iron off. Thank you anxiety. The beauty of this was Millie slept the entire time. FFS.
  • After spending my days scrubbing the high chair I took the plastic cushion out last night. We are in a land of Hard Plastic now. When I took the insert out I almost vomited. It was like Hoarders: Baby Edition. FFS.
  • My immobiliser keyring for my car seems to be on the way out. Handsome James is 16 years old this year, so I can't be too upset that it's on the way out. However, I don't know how to turn the immobiler off manually so to do it with the keyring works if I twirl my right hand in a fancy 80's dance move. In the supermarket car park, in the parking garage, in the street. FFS.
  • I have absolutely no musical ambition at the moment. Poof! It's gone. I'm not sure where. But I think I want to keep playing my instruments... I'm struggling a bit hearing about my contemporaries playing nice gigs, getting picked up by national radio stations and advancing their careers, usually when I'm changing a dirty nappy or listening to Norwegian Throat Singing at 5pm in the afternoon. That's the weird part, I don't want to play in dirty pubs at midnight anymore, I don't want to chase crappily paid gigs, I don't want to travel up and down the eastern seaboard every four weeks to play in dirty pubs in other states to people who don't want to listen and not make any money doing it and I'm petrified about standing up in front of crowds again. For the longest time I was a Professional Musician. Now... I'm not. Why does this bother me so goddamn much? Alain de Botton, what do you say about this? FFS.
Shiny Things
I won two tickets to see Colin Hay at the Theatre Royal tomorrow night. On Twitter. I don't actually remember entering, but I'm stoked! Millie's family daycarer has offered to look after her for a bottle of wine (yessss) so Mr S and I will BE ALONE. As in, CHILDLESS. IN TOWN. SEEING LIVE MUSIC. I'm almost fainting with excitement.

I bought Millie a new car seat a few weeks ago. Hers was second hand and manufactured more than ten years ago and there's a safety issue blah blah. I got a cheap one in a Target sale and it turned up last Friday. It's a HiPod Milan and I refer to it as Millie's Pimpin New Ride. It's got a shade canopy (cannot use, it blocks the blind spot) and a toy bar (cannot use, only for rearward facing), but it's so deliciously plush and new. It has a Messy Mat (tm) that goes underneath the seat to catch the food and alcohol bottles and the whole thing is entirely washable. It's so awesome.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar counting book is
Millie's favourite right now. She likes to nom the caterpillar!

Finished bag for a special lady. Wait, did I show this on Tuesday?
Whatevs. How awesome does it look?

Millie was fascinated by the record, and danced to Time After Time.

Perverse I know, but I really wanted to write rude things in this box.

Weetbix is her favourite. Look at those hands!

Sarah threatened to drunk text me.
This is what a non-drunkenly texted phone looks like.
She one-glassed texted me instead.

Link up over here and say hi to Sarah too.

Dear Baby G


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