Friday, February 10, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Let the first world whinging commence!

  • A few weeks ago I was vacuuming with the fourth love of my life, our Bissell Pet Hair Vac, with an angry Millie on my back when I caught my trackpants in the vacuum turbo head. So powerful is the turbo head that I feared I'd never get my pants out if I turned it off. So I precariously bent over, yanked them out and kept vacuuming. Then I realised my leg was a little warm. Hmm. Trackpants seem to be warm to the touch and a little, er, shredded. Then there's this smell. I worry that the vacuum is on fire inside so I unplug it and put it outside. (No flies on me eh? Fire? PUT IT OUTSIDE. Right.) Then I remember that last year whilst painting our bedroom I got polyfilla on my trackpants. Which is now smeared around the ankle of my shredded trackpants. No biggie. So it melted a little.
  • Fast forward to last week when I'm vacuuming and Mr S is holding the vacuum-allergic Millie and there's this smell again. Mr S, the most sensible person in my house, demands I turn it off so he can have a look at it. Turns out that the polyfilla melted onto the turbo head and stripped one edge of the turbo brush. So it doesn't turn any more. And is er.. melting. He asked what happened. Well...
  • He gets another turbo head ordered under warranty (Thank you Bissell! It's true, we did do it ourselves voiding the warranty, but we're honest like that and Mr S told you, so for our honesty you rewarded us with no charge parts. Thank you!) and ten days later it arrived. In the meantime my stick vac was not cutting the mustard and the floors were absolutely awful. How could I tell? The baby was covered in dust, cat hair and cruskits every time she went on the floors. FFS.
  • I have now vacuumed thoroughly and I feel much calmer. What's wrong with me? I feel like a grown up. FFS.
  • I ordered a pair of Fiskars Pinking Shears from the USA weeks ago because they were $30 cheaper. The United States Postal Service tracking service tells me that my parcel was processed at their Chicago office on January 26th. That's the last known location. FFS.
  • It's Millie's birthday oh so shortly and it's taken me weeks to decide where to have it. Now I feel a smidge guilty because my Mummy friends are having THEMED parties. My online mother's group were discussing their theme ideas:
    'We're doing rainbows!'
    'We're doing butterflies!'
    'We're doing balls and we're going to have a giant ball pit for the kids to play in!'
    I was all 'I guess I'll make a cake? I'll give her some wrapping paper to play with too.'
    Bogan Mummy-Fail. FFS.
  • I watched a policewoman stay in the overtaking lane for about 10 kilometres yesterday on the highway, long after I'd overtaken her and merged carefully, doing the speed limit back in to my lane. I wondered why. Then we hit a 15 min roadwork delay where the right hand lane got to merge push in front of the left hand lane to get ahead. AND I watched her not keep up with the flow of traffic because she was playing TapFish no doubt with her mobile phone. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday
I decided to start sewing Millie some clothes. I can't really afford or justify paying for new fancy clothes for her to just grow out of really quickly, and I love sewing... so I thought I'd give it a whirl.
This is based on a tutorial from the most amazing website ever, Craftiness Is Not Optional, and it's the LoveBird Tunic pattern.
It came together super quickly and didn't use much fabric at all. I've amended the pattern I had to make (yes! you MAKE your own pattern. I feel very smug.) so when I make it again the changes I want to make will hopefully happen. I'm super proud of myself and she looks so adorable in it, despite her face in most of these pics.

I made Millie a shirt. Here are the ensuing attempts  at a photo...


I made a self cover button for the back of it.

I'm in love with my mad rick-rack skillz here.

This photo is awesome. Why?
She's standing up by herself, not holding on to anything.
As soon as she realised she sat down straight away.

We went to see Colin Hay. And had wine. The concert was amazing,
save the uber-bogans behind us who eventually got kicked out.
He's an amazing story teller and SO funny. I loved it!

We then went to North Hobart and had drinks and cake.
This is what the city looks like after 5pm huh? I'd forgotten.

We had a BBQ with friends in the Cascade Gardens on
Monday evening. It was so lovely!

My two favourite people.

I get excited when I get messages like this from Skye.

THIS IS WHY. So yummy! I think it's a plum honey cake. 

We peered in to our neighbours yard this morning to find
it full of sheep. I guess the sheep broke down the fences...
if you look closely you can see a tiny black cat mid centre of this pic.
It was just staring at the ram...
Now I have Sarah's mobile number I can now chat with her harass her via three mediums. Emails that turn in to essays (sorry!), tweets and texts for things too rude for Twitter. So far she's still talking to me. Phew.

Go and say hello to the lovely lady herself over here!

Dear Baby G


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