Saturday, March 24, 2012

FFS Fri.... er Saturday.

Yesterday I couldn't bring myself to whine. It was Divine Miss M's first birthday, which brought upon a beautiful festive spirit to the Smyth house. Mr S had to work (booo) so DMM and I played. ALL day. It was such fun. This has been such an ace week all up that I can't bring myself to think of things to whinge about.
Millie's birthday party is tomorrow. The last two days have been torrential showers and there's snow to 700m. Brilliant. On that note, I'm sure I will have lots of material for next week's FFS, beginning with WHY ARE THERE NO BUTCHERS OPEN ON A SATURDAY? But ahem, that is another story.
On to the shiny things...

Mr S' birthday
My gorgeous man had a birthday last Saturday. As tradition dictates, we make each other a cake every year. Mr S is not allowed to wear many clothes whilst baking my cake. I do not bow to any such suggestions when it is my turn, nor does Mr S insist upon any such suggestions. Thank god. I recently purchased a copy of Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book, the book of my childhood that we did not own nor did I have any cakes baked for me out of.
Mr S on the other hand recalls the train cake, the swimming pool cake (epic fail... the pool went everywhere), and several others. His mother is a baking demi-god.
Every year Mr S requests 'Smyth's Chocolate Cake' for his cake. We have dancing together for 12 years, and for the 11 of those that I've made 'Smyth's Chocolate Cake', not once has there been a 'PERFECT!'. It's usually more like
'Oooh cake!'
'What do you think of it?'
'Well... it's ok but Mum's is a bit richer/softer/more cooked/less cooked/not so rich.'
I know, I need to stop asking, right?
This year I looked him in the eye and said 'What sort of cake do you want?' He looked me back in the eye and said 'Smyth's Chocolate Cake' at the same time as I interjected 'Any cake except that flipping Smyth cake.'
So. Smyth cake it was. But not just any Smyth Cake. He looked the new AWW Children's Birthday Cake Book and asked if he could choose a cake out of it... I groaned inwardly but said 'Sure! Choose away!' He did not choose and rushed off to work the next morning saying 'Something simple please.'
I went to the IGA and bought a packet of M&M's, a packet of chocolate sprinkles and a packet of TeeVee snacks. With the hope that the baking demi-gods would invoke my cake decorating training and come up with something for me.
Lo and behold, the baking gods smiled and the cake was perfect. I now know what I did differently to the recipe and I have notated it! While M took a nap I came up with this...
He was pretty bloody happy with his Racing Track cake (not from the book thankyouverymuch) and I crowned myself a fellow Wife of Awesome. He even 'vroom! vroom!'d the racing cars. WIN.

Racing Track cake.

Candy overload.

Mars Bar cars with white chocolate wheel, cachou eyes and silver
sprinkle hubcabs.

Vroom! Vroom!

I started playing guitar again this week. Millie helped
by carefully placing a spoon in the soundhole for me.

Millie sharing her birthday breakfast with Lucy.

Birthday pikelets. (I am turning into my mother.)

DMM enjoying her new couch and new handbag.

Lucy enjoying Millie's new couch.

A lovely day was had by all.


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