Friday, March 2, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Hola again!
Multiple choice time!
On my trip to see Mr S' family, I
a) had an amazing time.
b) did not have an amazing time.
That's right friends, the answer is indeed a) I had an amazing time. So amazing that I started googling real estate prices in the small coastal town and decided that I would pay the same amount of money that I paid for my large, diamond in the rough house here, but it would be a somewhat mouldy dump lot more pre-renovation chic and a lot less close to a capital city. FFS. (did you see what I did there? A text SEGUE. I am genius.)

  • I needed the spellchecker to reassure me that I'd spelled segue correctly. FFS.
  • Spellchecker was right. Sort of. Then I hit publish and a friend just messaged me with the news that it's actually just segue. For. Fucks. Sakes.
  • I suppose it serves me right for trying to be a fancy pants. FFS.
  • Traffic FFS Update: a car pulled out in front of me with less than a second gap in an 80 zone going down a hill. I was so unimpressed I honked. And I was even more unimpressed that they'd managed to tarnish the awesome Florence and the Machine song I was blasting. FFS.
  • Whilst it was 38 degrees here on the weekend it was a humid 25 where I was. Not hot enough to swim, but humid enough that Millie, Mr S and I glowed unattractively. FFS.
  • Five days after it was 38 degrees here it is now 11 degrees outside and colder inside. I have FIVE different clotheshorses, dutch airers, over door lines and sock dryer thingos hung inside the house. I have also now lit the fire to help save my power bill (by turning the blow heater off!) and dry the clothes. FFS.
  • We need more firewood. FFS.
  • Mr S and I were very diligent and this week paid off our credit card. A materialistic side of me is worried how I will be able to pay for all the fabric I need things that need buying urgently. FFS.
  • My sewing mojo left the building this week. I am not impressed. As soon as I'm done here I'm about to hunt that sucker down. FFS.
  • There is no Bogan Neighbour update this week. Repeat: No Bogan Neighbour Update. Because I haven't been home long enough to be annoyed by them. FFS.
  • I take Millie to the chiropractor with me every week and she is SO easygoing most of the time. (both Chiropractor and daughter) This week however, she was tired and wound up sitting on the chiropractor's lap whilst I laid on my back and the chiropractor worked on my neck. Millie patted my cheeks the entire time. FFS.
  • Sarah has threatened to give up blogging. NO NO NO NO NO. If she does that I'm down one avenue by which to stalk her. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday
I made my new nephew a mobile. And yes, these are made

I was still feeling a little ill and it took me forever to cut these out the right way.
No, I'm not dyslexic, I'm just very spatially challenged.

Here's the view from Mr S' folk's house. Nice eh?

M-Bomb loves her a beach.
I'm totally in love with her dress.

My two favourite people.

We didn't bring M's swimmers to the beach - an impromptu visit.
She wasn't fussed. She would have preferred nudity I'm sure.

That's her uncle and cousin further up the beach. She was not going to be left out.
Didn't look back for us, her parents. Just nicked off. FFS.

Mr S and I had CHILD FREE TIME. We went to the beach.


Millie loves her Poppy oh so much. The feeling is mutual.

With a birthday voucher, I bought myself some new shoes. Joyful!

Go and say hi to Sarah and beg her to not stop blogging. Pleeeeease?
Dear Baby G


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