Friday, March 16, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Wow. I can't believe it's Friday again. Let me cast my mind back...

  • Our house appears to be halfway house for the unhomed (probably feral) cats of our neighbourhood. Millie was staring out the window at breakfast time on Sunday, and when I followed her gaze there was a tiny kitten (CUTE) hiding behind a pot plant on our deck. It ran away pretty quickly when it spotted us. Then, five minutes later, Millie stared again in the same spot. This time, a calico coloured teenaged cat sitting on our deck, looking us nonchalantly in the eye. Making no motion to leave. We'd seen this cat sauntering along our retaining wall at eye level in the kitchen. Mr S shooed it away, and Millie looked instantly sad. Lucy looked relieved that some one had taken care of that pesky little cat problem outside. FFS.
  • I answered the phone at 6.30pm on Wednesday to an 'Overseas' caller ID number. A gentleman asked if this was the 'Mr and Mrs Smith household'. I asked to speak to his manager, who I proceeded to tell in no uncertain terms that by calling us, they are breaking Australian law as we are listed on the Do Not Call register. He kindly explained to me that there is a computer scam in Tasmania affecting people in my neighbourhood and they are letting me know. After repeated attempts to get their company name, he repeated my address at me and hung up. I complained to AMCA who basically stated that the best thing to do is hang up. FFS.
  • I have found my SewJo again but it's somewhat daunting as I have a list of presents to make half a mile long... FFS.
  • After careful discussions with Millie about doing her business at daycare, she is started to heed my calls. She did her business at daycare yesterday, then again at home. That's not how it works Millie. Once per day is ample. FFS.
  • Whilst I had my sewing machine set up in the craft room last week I started hearing strange noises when I was putting Millie to bed. Mr S came home ten minutes later to find a spool of thread wrapped around the table, into the kitchen, back out again, into the lounge room. We ascertained that Lucy had started eating the thread, then panicked and tried to get it out. Scary as heck for us - I would never have thought they were distress noises I was hearing. Lucy is fine. She ate expensive Gutermann thread. FFS.
  • Every time I see a plant/household improvement/giant bottle of vodka I make noises about 'How nice that would look if we knocked a wall out/put that bush down the front/drank the vodka.' Mr S helpfully suggests that before knocking walls out I could perhaps mow the lawn? FFS.
  • I really just like dreaming about what we could do.
  • Millie has been bullied a bit at daycare this week. Her daycarer is on to it, and it's nothing more sinister than learning to share, but her daycarer doesn't tell us who it is. I don't blame her. I know they're all tiny kids... but it makes me feel all Mama Bear. FFS.
  • I watched the mailman pull up this morning and when he got back into his car I waved at him. He returned my wave. Then I realised I was in my dressing gown and I didn't think he could see me. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

  • I've been mail-bombing this week. I'm excited to hear when things start arriving in mailboxes!
  • Mr S truly is a gentleman among men. And the most helpful husband a gal could ask for. When I'm putting Millie to bed I hear him 'resetting' the house, putting the toys away, putting the clothes away, straightening up the couch cover. Blissful.

Little lady loves her pink dunlop Volleys.

I made Millie a sleepsuit. She approves. My wallet approves too.
$8/fleece and $3 zip. THANK YOU.

At Taste of the Huon on Sunday, taking in the music.

Wearing most of Mummy's waffles with berries. THANK YOU.

Me, wearing most of the waffles with berries, thank you.

Hanging at the Botanical Gardens in Hobart.

Botanical Gardens, Hobart.

'See Mum, this bit snaps in. Then it's locked, okay?' (FFS)

I defrosted my freezer this morning, singing 'The Final Countdown'
in my head. I can't believe how great it looks now.

Go and see Sarah and tell her that she could wear a paper bag to DPCon and still be the hottest Mama there.
Dear Baby G


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