Friday, March 30, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

  • This week heralded the biggest FFS yet. Gastro, flu and a toddler. Thankfully the gastro and flu were me, and no one else in the house. FFS.
  • I realised that gone were the days of lying in state on the couch with a Mr S bringing me water and patting my brow murmuring sweet nothings and shhhh's in my ear. He brought me water, patted my brow, made me dinner and wrangled a baby. He is a wonderful man. But I get Man-Illness you see. I need to be pampered. FFS.
  • Millie turned one. And promptly turned into terrible twos. WHAT? How? It's tantrums galore here.
    'Darling, give Mummy the toothbrush. It's not safe to walk around with it in your mouth.'
    '$%^@&# $^^#*((% (*#*%&&HGHJKJ'
    'Sweetheart, calm down. It's ok. Here's an icybite instead.' (Icybite=frozen teething ring)
    '^^%*&#HJ HGHGY(*#*Y'
  • I am such a stickler for government rules. In a nutshell, you vote a government in. If you don't like their 'laws' go and live in another country. I have no time for anyone whinging about a speeding ticket. Don't speed. Simple. So, back to rules. There's a bus lane on the highway into Hobart, and whilst traffic was backed up the entire hill into town a lone car comes sailing down the bus lane and merges in front of me into a lane. THERE ARE RULES PEOPLE. FFS.
  • Could be just me but I imagine that Family Friendly Workplaces need to be Family Friendly. FFS.
Shiny Things Friday
  • For Hippy Brad - Mr S takes out the rubbish, tends the garden, replaces lightglobes, changes nappies, gets up in the night for M, washes the car, changes the oil in the car, builds decks, built a birdfeeder this week, mops the floors, bathes M at nighttime, cooks dinner regularly and makes me a cup of tea every morning. You are not alone. WOA and WOASC are very lucky ladies.
  • My sister and her husband brought their son, Sam into the world on Saturday. There was a chance that he'd share a birthday with Millie, but alas, little man wanted his own day. He's a cutie patootie and I can't wait for cuddles!
I carved Millie's birthday cake in the image of her favourite
thing: Rubber Duckie. I wielded a knife like I was on "Cake Boss"
and carved to and fro. Loved it.

Introducing Duckbert. 

Duckbert had a 'do.

On the morning of her birthday party, Millie started
partying well before midday. 

Cake in shape of animal. Check.
Fairy bread. Check.

Melina took this - Millie and her boyfriend Oliver having good times.
(I finished Millie's party dress!)

A conversation with my Father In Law. He's a champion.

Millie got a card from Sarah, HB & Maggie this week. Approved.

Then we got a parcel from Sarah, HB & Maggie too.
Millie approved.

Going to try on my new dress Mum. BRB.

You will excuse my crappy shaky hands, but here's a panorama of a sunset this week. Nice eh?

Millie will only feed herself now. Send help and rubber gloves.


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