Friday, April 6, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

The Digital Parents Conference was on in Melbourne this week. I did not give any thought about attending - tickets too expensive, time off work, blah blah blah. However, my fellow Wife of Awesome went and drunk (or exhaustion, she didn't sleep much at all) texted me most nights. Made my bloody week.

  • It's been a busy week here. I keep waking up confused about what day it is, and realising that it's only Wednesday and I still have two more work days left. FFS.
  • The gastro that will not die. FFS.
  • I'm getting soft in my old age. This week I sobbed into my Beef Stroganoff at the Children's Leukaemia Foundation advert and the Angel Flight advert. Mr S had to tell me jokes every time they came on so I could eat my dinner without sobbing. FFS.
  • Millie turned one and is suddenly two. As in, terrible twos. Most afternoons this week have been... interesting. She broke down and sobbed her little heart out this morning when I told her not to touch the toilet. I know, I'm the meanest Mummy everFFS. (poor little Muffin)
  • Millie also had a hard time going to sleep the other night. I battled through her for the best part of an hour then handed over to Mr S, who got her down without any hassle whatsoever.  FFS.
  • For the most part of the time I tried to get her to sleep Lucy howled outside Millie's bedroom door because she'd run out of anti-anxiety medication the day before and we couldn't get her to the vet before the next day. Mr S was outside for this display.  FFS.
  • Mr S announced on Sunday that his license had expired and I would have to drive us everywhere and why didn't I tell him about his license renewal arriving. I did, a month ago.  FFS.
  • I took Lucy to the vet and our journey (50km) was marked with this face the entire way. Actually, this was when she'd actually look in my general direction. I would catch her looking at me, and when I leant over to pat her through the bars she'd swish her head away. 'No! NO!'.  FFS.

  • Upon dropping Lucy at the vet I waited for a woman to reverse out of the parking lot. She was an older woman in a newer car. I watched her reverse, reverse, reverse, turn the wheel, reverse, reverse, reverse. Straight into Handsome James' front bumper bar. A man jumped out of another car and said 'Oh good, just popped straight back out.' To which I replied 'Well actually, that's my car. Look at how scratched up that is. Wait, where's she going?'
    I run down the vet's driveway thumping the car's boot.
    She stops dead, gets out and says 'What's the problem?'
    Upon me stating she'd just hit my car she says 'Oh! I didn't feel anything!'
    Perhaps you shouldn't be driving if you don't feel yourself reversing into other cars? She comes to look at the admittedly minimal damage and feels it necessary to point out all the other damage to Handsome James' bumper bar. Not the point. I get her details and when I'm heading back to my car I find her getting the other man's details too - I decide this is a good idea. The damage is minimal, but I feel like I'd like to claim it on her insurance because she really quite annoyed me. I'm still deciding what to do. But really,  FFS.
  • Whilst shopping this week I bought some Nude Food Movers for M's lunchbox. The irony of the amount of packaging required to 'move' my food with no packing was not lost on me.  FFS.

  • Forestry Tasmania have been conducting high intensity burns in the South West wilderness area to prepare for more tree planting. The air quality in the Huon Valley this week has been (excuse my language) fucking disgusting. This was what it looked like on Wednesday - there was ash falling on the car and it looked like NSW in high bushfire season. Nice everything Forestry.  FFS.

  • It is now 9.33am. Mr S' alarm went off at 5.50am this morning so he could go and chop wood today and I have been wide awake since. Little lady woke at 6am, so my 7.15am we'd all had breakfast, I'd done the washing up and put a load of washing on. I've also cleaned the bathroom, hung that load of washing out and put another on. M is napping. It feels like it might be a long day.  FFS.
  • I wish I felt like drinking coffee. I really miss it.  FFS.

Shiny Things Friday
Proper pictures of Duckbert.

Little Lady and I with her cake. She tried to extinguish
the candle with her finger. Note to self: practice blowing out
candles next year.

'Mummy? The TV remote Phone is for you.'

Dinner al fresco for the last night of Daylight Savings.

Learning to go downhill.

I bought this book - it's awesome.

Making a new bag! Excited to be finally sewing again!

Afternoon snuggles.

Dear Baby G


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