Friday, April 13, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

This week seems to have flown by - perhaps public holidays do that?

  • After Lucy's trip to 'see her friend Jane' aka the V-E-T she was remarkably out of sorts driving me fecking nuts. When I comment to Mr S about her  being so fecking nuts out of sorts he remembered that he'd tried to drug her less this week to see how she'd cope. Clearly, not so well. FFS.
  • I will be paying for kitty Prozac for years to come. FFS.
  • Kitty Prozac that is not covered on Lucy's soon-to-be-stopped health insurance because they thought it was a 'pre-existing' condition. Convenient. FFS.
  • I am disgusted with myself. I cannot stop cleaning. This morning I took everything from a shelf in the kitchen, dusted the shelf, scrubbed the contents of the shelf, polished the shelf, then dusted the corners of the kitchen and half-heartedly tried to clean the venetian blinds in the kitchen too hard. Then for kicks I went around the lounge room dusting the cobweb corners too. I need an intervention. FFS.
  • I've been waiting for a parcel for three weeks from a company that want me to review a product for a giveaway here. If I didn't want the product so gosh-darned much (free!) I'd be much less peeved about this. I think they looked closer at my blog stats and are trying to pretend I don't exist. FFS.
  • Mr S and I have decided that the Bogan Neighbours multiply when we're not looking. We realised we can't keep track of how many are living in the two bedroom house. There's usually at least five cars there. We know there's two barking dogs. FFS.
  • Millie is still in her terrible-twos-but-I'm-only-one. It's a good thing this is balanced out by the extraordinary fun she's become, but really, tanties? REALLY? FFS.
  • This morning I made her porridge because she liked it two days ago. 15 minutes of banshee screaming (porridge) ensued whilst I tried to have a hot cup of tea ha! and my hot porridge. Then 10 minutes of quiet crunching interdispersed with 'Mmmyummm' (vegemite toast). I completely understand why parents never try anything new. FFS.
  • I have not done anything about the lady who hit Handsome James last week. I think I'd feel bad getting an entirely new bumper bar on her money when it wasn't a huge ding to begin with. But her attitude really pissed me off and now I have a car with an even crappier bumper bar. FFS.
  • Mr S bought and installed a new aerial on the roof, six months after we last bought a new one. It's you-beaut and more powerful than the old one. And it doesn't work. So after a series of phone calls from him on the roof to me in the lounge room we thought we got the reception 'good enough' in time for me to watch the one show of the week I watch live. The reception was nowhere near good enough and it's now two days later. Amazingly enough we get brilliant reception for the hundreds of re-runs of The Simpsons that Mr S likes to watch every night. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday
This is an appropriate use of M's new school bag, yes?

Last week's handmade. So much fun to make!

M reading books on Easter Sunday in bed.

She disappeared for a bit and came back, wearing her handbag
and handed me a spanner. Right... (thanks Mr S!)

Family S got new phones this week. Even M. The lovely Telstra
staff gave her a dummy home phone all of her own. She's delighted.

M hoards grapes in her mouth...

And will not tell me how many...

Sunset at home on Wednesday night. 

More sunset is never enough.

We play with the front camera on my new phone,
M keeps sticking her tongue out at her reflection. Priceless!

Wearing Mummy's jumper and being a Queen.

This morning she brought me her too-small red hoodie to wear,
and was so excited when I helped her put it on.

Go and see Sarah, say Hi! Tell her that I will continue text-stalking no matter how few her replies are. She loves it.

Dear Baby G


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