Friday, April 20, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Without further ado...

Exploding light escapades.

The light fitting formerly known as.
  • I turned the light on in M's room before bedtime on Saturday night. It took me a few seconds to work out what had just happened, then I realised there was glass all over the floor. The light fitting and globe had exploded. M was not in her room thank god. I then vacuumed every surface of the room, changed bedsheets and was on my hands and knees trying to find minuscule bits of glass. Next fitting is a paper lantern. FFS.
  • As already discussed, I live in 'The Sticks', with several varieties of Country Spiders and creepy crawlies. We usually keep out of each other's way as one of us wields a newspaper/flyspray/husband fairly well but then there is Wood Pile Spider. I've seen his work for months, and let there be no doubt, his webs are very impressive. We'd never met before and I was quite happy about this arrangement. Getting a piece of wood for the fire involves:
    1. Locate chosen piece of wood visually.
    2. Check around chosen piece of wood visually.
    3. Tentatively pick up chosen piece of wood.
    4. At lightning speed flip piece of wood around on all sides.
    5. Tap piece of wood on the ground firmly.
    6. Take piece of wood inside and put on the fire immediately, lest Wood Pile Spider be hiding on a nook that I couldn't see.
    I picked up a piece of wood last week after my visual checks and in my flipping stage noticed WOOD PILE SPIDER. Crawling out of an impressive web on my Chosen Piece of Wood. Looking big, black and nasty.
    I nodded humbly and stepped away from the woodpile. FFS.
  • I have just realised I am cold. And the fire that I took care to light before sitting down with my Cadbury egg and cup of tea has gone out. FFS.
  • It's a good thing we get the local paper delivered daily so there's always fodder to light the fire with. Except when we don't get the paper delivered. Even though we still pay for it. See, our paper is delivered at high speed from a moving vehicle every morning. Except for the mornings that the gentleman who delivers it doesn't feel like it*, or is so taken with our beautiful garden that he forgets**. Or when he doesn't forget, he's drunk***, so his aim is somewhat off. We retrieve our paper from the:
    1. Road.
    2. Blackberry bushes next door.
    3. The tree outside our house.
    * Unsure if this is true, but I can't think of any other reason.
    ** Unsure if this is true, but I can't think of any other reason.
    *** Unsure if this is true, but I can't think of any other reason.
  • I have not done anything about Handsome James' bumper bar. I do not believe that I will, because as I mentioned last week I'd feel guilty. Now I feel guiltier and annoyed with myself because as I also mentioned last week HJ will now have a crap(pier) bumper bar. FFS.
  • I have just eaten 3/4 of a decent sized Cadbury egg. It was on sale at the petrol station and I couldn't help myself yesterday. $2! Bargain! I am such a sucker for a sale/gift with purchase/free stuff to review. Jeebus wept. FFS.
  • It's been at least a year since I finished a song. But I've been trying to ignore this other voice in my head... you see, I am no long being tortured by my Serious Songwriting Muse. I am being tortured by her cheerful bouncy cousin, Children's Songwriting Muse. I cannot get three gosh-darned children's songs out of my head. They are driving me bonkers. I'm going to have bite the bullet and record them so they leave me alone. I'm not as perky as Justine Clarke, someone help me please. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

Just doing some shopping on my train. BRB.

We rescued a baby Native Hen on Saturday. His Mum had been hit
by a car just up the road. He was super cute and told me his name
was Phinneas. Phinneas went to a vet and hopefully
Bonorong Wildlife Park for recovery and release.

Don't worry, we have private health insurance for orthodontia.

M loves to look at herself. Makes for a sweet picture.

Crashed out in the car. Note the handbag and mohawk.

Stacey demanded we all make fried sandwiches. I dare not disobey.

Millie says yes to blueberries.

And blueberry juice.

After cooking dinner last night I came to the lounge room
to find my family doing this. Playing with the grocery toy box,
watching the box. <3 I like that Lucy's involved.

FFS Friday brought to you by the delicious Sarah. Go and see her site and admire her amazing cupcake bunting. She is welcome at my house any time. I'll make the cupcakes, she brings the bunting. Deal?

Dear Baby G


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