Friday, April 27, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Oh man. What a week!
  • Millie reacted to her vaccinations, which meant her face puffed up like a Michelin Lady. She was SO sad for about 5 days... now she's teething screaming. Poor little poppet. Poor poor us. FFS.
  • This week has been full of me wishing silently that my adorable darling would STFU and GTFTS. FFS.
  • I was running late to pick Millie up yesterday afternoon and I went to Woolworths to pick up ONE packet of puff pastry. I got in the '8 Items or Less' aisle behind a woman with a trolley who had 25 items in her trolley. FFS.
  • I'm such a stickler for the rules. FFS.
  • I know that once I've paid my parking fees I've got 15 minutes to get out of the parking lot. On occasion I sit in the car, having a drink, enjoying my last moments of solitude before I drive 40 minutes home and pick up M from Play School. Inevitably someone will wait, engine idling, with their indicator on for me to leave. The car is not turned on, I do not have my seat belt on, I am clearly not going anywhere yet. I refuse to make eye contact and continue on my merry solitude mission, often to the anger of the lazy driver who doesn't want to drive up the parking lot any further. There are 8 levels of parking spaces. Happy waiting! FFS.
  • We went to Mount Field on Anzac Day and had the most delightful day - a short walk, lunch in the sun, playing with leaves, chasing native hens (Millie), talking to magpies (Millie) and chasing falling leaves (Mr S and Millie). We decided to come home via Jeffreys Track. We turned back after 6km and the roughest, scariest car ride I've ever been in that has not resulted in an accident. FFS.
  • Handsome James is unbreakable. Mostly. His plastic engine cover was hanging down yesterday, but when I left the car park in the afternoon I thought it might have been dragging... but I kept driving. Until I stopped at traffic lights at the next corner and noticed two people pointing at the car. I pulled over, indeed, it was dragging. I harangued my colleague into helping me fix it. By 'helping me' I mean him doing it, and 'fix it' I mean cable tying it back together so I could drive home. FFS.
  • Handsome James also really needs a wash now. FFS.
  • Lucy is now uninsured. It terrifies me a little - when her brother Max was ill and eventually died, it cost us  $2000. Money that we wouldn't have paid if we'd had insurance. So we insured Lucy. But now, her health insurance costs almost as much as ours... and she's a stupendously (physically) healthy indoor cat. Sorry Lucy... FFS.
  • I felt like the meanest Fur-Mummy when the insurance company asked me why I was cancelling her insurance. 'Well, um, it's a financial decision, and she's um, healthy and um, getting on a bit.' FFS.
  • When we moved to Tasmania 7 years ago, we bought the washing machine that the previous tenant had in our rental house as ours wouldn't fit. Last year in July it stopped working. We were very kindly gifted a top loader by a friend who was moving house and had two. Now it has stopped working. Washing. Is. Piling Up. We need a new machine, now. FFS.
  • Millie has decided to bring her wake up time forward half an hour to 6.15am. I know it's still a semi-reasonable time... but Mama is tired. FFS.
  • It did mean that by 9am we'd all showered, had breakfast, Mr S had gone to work, dishes done, house tidied, bed changed, clothes away, cookies baked and vacuuming done. I'm now REALLY tired. FFS.
  • I'm about to start the annual Firewood Purchasing. Which means I pay an exorbitant amount of money for firewood, because our Wood Man (incidentally, our mechanic's brother... welcome to the Valley) charges a lot, but his is the only wood that is consistently dry. Good bye money. FFS.
  • Because we are Fake Farmers who live on a house sized block surrounded by Real Farmers. We have no access to fallen trees around here. But honestly, I like being a Pitt St Farmer. It's all the joy of farmland with none of the responsibility. But still, FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

Still a bit puffy here, but enjoying seeing herself
in the phone reflection!

At Mount Field, having cuddles in the sun.

Lovely shiny Manfern on the way to Lady Barron Falls, Mt Field.

Tasmania doesn't do walking by halves.
This was for a 30 minute walk.

Who doesn't love a shoulder ride?

First swing!

Go and say hello to Sarah and tell her that her Macarons look tasty.
I would like to try them, I hear they post well, but she hasn't even offered....
Dear Baby G


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