Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mrs Smyth... creates.

As I sat at my sewing machine this week I realised that I do a lot of sewing and crafting I really don't share with you here. How remiss of me!
So here we are. My weekly Mrs Smyth Creates... Here I am accountable for what I've created. Some weeks a lot, and some weeks... not so much. Sometimes it's fun, and sometimes it's boring hemming of Mr S' work trousers (of FrankenPants as I call them...*)
There's a link down the bottom for you to link your 'creating' posts for the week. Please link up, I know there's only a few of you readers, but don't make me look like the kid by herself in the playground. I can bribe you with Musk Sticks?

This week I...

Sewed curtains with a sick Millie on my lap.

Who fell asleep (!) whilst I loudly sewed.

Made a case for my new iPhone, from material
that matches my handbag.

This is the pattern of the back of the case.
It's lovely but I keep losing my phone in my bag.
Because they look the same. I know.

Made a small clutch back out of the remainder of the Shazza apron material.
It's beautiful, and is for sale.

A set of curtains for Millie's room. 

Here's a close up of the pattern on Millie's curtains.
So, I guess it's been a productive week. Child rearing, working, housework, cooking dinner... and sanity saving sewing.
What have you been making? Link up or just leave a comment. 

*FrankenPants are Mr S' work pants. Mr S is 6'6 and his work-supplied uniform trousers are inevitably always a few inches short. It was the glorious week where he got his second issue of trousers... so choppy chop chop, hem, hem, iron, hem. FrankenPants. A happy happy Mr S was born.


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