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Pregnancy and Baby Apps: What I liked. (PLUS win the Wonder Weeks App!)

It's no secret that I love my iPhone. And my iMac, my iPad, my iPod, my iHusband. Wait, Mr S is real, but he is a Mac connoisseur as well.
When I fell pregnant there was a world of apps out there to keep a track of EVERYTHING. Given that I am highly tech savvy a sucker I thought I'd make a list for you of what I liked, and what I didn't like. Whilst I was thinking about that, I had a brilliant idea to email the developers of The Wonder Weeks and see if they wanted to give you, my three readers, a copy of their app. Turns out they did. Huh. More on that shortly.

What to Pregnancy Tracker
I quite like this app for it's weekly information, and even daily information. And, it's free. Who doesn't love a free app that actually works? This is really easy to use, the advert bar isn't at all intrusive and it's pretty cool to have all the important information ('Poppyseed?! yeah!') right at hand. They also have a Baby Tracker app for sleeping and feeding and nappy changes... but I was a bit lazy to keep that up beyond the first couple of weeks.

Don't get excited, I put in a dummy date for
the screenshots.
I loved being able to flick through week to week and
see what size our tiny Jellybean would be!

Daily information.
p.s. Taming caffeine habit? Pffft!

Would I recommend?
I should also say that I did have a paid app for pregnancy tracking too. It had more bells and whistles that I didn't use. I wish I'd found this one first. This is great to have all the information and gives you access to forums, which I didn't use. I'd give it a whirl! iPhone only, not iPad native.

iBaby Feed Timer
If you're able to breastfeed, this app is the bee's knees, should bees have knees. I tried heaps of free apps for this, but could never find one that worked as well as iBaby. We timed M's feeds because she'd just keep going forever, making herself ill in the process, and it helped ease my mind as a new mother that we were feeding for long enough.
When I went back to work this app was great to keep a track of the milk I was expressing for her, and then at the end of the day I could add in how much of her bottles she'd drunk. What I loved the most about this app was the 'Pause' feature. In the early sleep deprived days we'd stop halfway through for a nappy change and the app I was using at the time meant that I'd have to start a new feeding session, and it was all far too confusing. I was showering and brushing my hair and teeth daily, that was enough thinking for me at the time. It also has nifty features that tell you how long since the last feed and can set an alarm if you're feeding at allotted times.
Would I recommend?
This was the best $1.99 I ever spent in the app store. iPhone only, not iPad native.

The Wonder Weeks
Oh my. The Wonder Weeks app was like having a psychic in my pocket... except the psychic never told me that I would win millions of dollars and marry a fantastic man. Instead, this psychic would tell me that there was absolutely a reason why my angel of a baby was not herself and driving us mad. Even better, the psychic app TELLS YOU HOW TO HELP. And it worked for us.
I don't own the book, and now I have the app I don't know that I'd buy the book. But the app, OH MY, the app. I loved being able to see visually where we up to, and to be able to recognise skills Millie was trying to master. And oh yes, how to help. SO on the money, every single time.
Even better? It is a shared app between iPhone and iPad. And on the iPad it's extra shiny - the picture map is bigger and the whole thing is much easier to read. I love an app that works on both devices, and doesn't require you to repurchase just to use on another device.
Here's some of my screenshots from the app:
Add your kiddlywink's details in...
See the different 'leaps'.

What's happening today?

Turn your phone to the side and see a pictorial of
the different leaps, with clouds for 'Grumpy Weeks' and
'Grumpy Weeks Are A-Comin'. The blue face indicates
where you are at present.

Explanations of leaps coming...

Mad skillz your baby will master.

How to help.
Would I recommend - and how do I enter your super fun giveaway?
Yes I'd recommend this app! If you're like me and need to know what's happening with your baby's development and how you can help, this is amazing. I paid $2.49AU for this app in March last year, but it's now 99cents in iTunes. I also love that it's iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch friendly with the same purchase.
OR - free!
The developers of the Wonder Weeks App have kindly supplied me with three copies of the Wonder Weeks app to giveaway here. Fun, huh?

That's so awesome - how do I enter?
Mr S and I like to laugh. So leave a comment here, ensuring that you put your email address in, telling us what you'd like a Baby Psychic in your pocket to tell you. We will pick the winning entries based upon how hard you make us laugh.
Entries open 6pm Sunday 22nd April, 2012.
Entries close 6pm Sunday 29th April, 2012.
Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Your email address will only be used to notify you of your winning entry.

The fine print
I was not paid for any of these reviews. I purchased all apps myself, including The Wonder Weeks app, and have written this post to help you! I contacted the developers of The Wonder Weeks app telling them about this post and they offered a giveaway.

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