Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: BioEffective Gel

Back in November, I was contacted to trial and review a new natural product called BioEffective Gel. I have had various forms of eczema and psoriasis periodically since I was a kid, and I've always struggled to find a non steroidal product to keep symptoms under control. Pregnancy exacerbated it (gestating a basketball baby is temperature raising work) and different soaps would also make it worse. A side effect of all of this is my skin cracking as it dries out. And then I would inevitably cut a lemon/eat salt and vinegar chips/rub lye into my hands. So, I jumped at the chance.

A parcel arrived just before Christmas and I was impressed to note that it smelled just like Christmas. That is, a highly pleasant scent not unlike a real pine tree! Win. A natural product. Win.

It was smooth to apply and as I mentioned, smelled like Christmas. Win. I used it for a few weeks on and off but alas, it made my symptoms worse. Lose. It made my skin feel tight and looked red. Lose. However, my skin was cracking far less but the tight, hot feeling wasn't worth it for me. Win/Lose. Undeterred, I handed it over to Mr S, who works in a warehouse environment with no heating or cooling. His hands are constantly cracking from cold/dry weather/heat/cardboard/planetary alignment.

He reports that whilst it didn't improve the softness of his hard working manly hands hands, he found that his hands were cracking far less and thus a lot less painful. He is still using it regularly and is pleased with the non-cracking results. Win.

I also applied it after a spot of sunburn, and whilst it didn't make the sunburn go away it certainly soothed it like a good Aloe Vera gel. Win.

BioEffective Gel is available for $19.00 from Pine Needle Products or from your local Amcal chemist.

The burning question...

Would I buy it?
I'm on the fence. For $19 I'd really want to have any cream bestow it's magical properties upon me, perhaps also making a coffee in the process, however I think it would be a good addition to any medical cabinet as an all-rounder fix-it.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I was supplied with a tube of BioEffective Gel for product review. All opinions are my own.


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