Friday, May 4, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Straight into it... no niceties here, but I suggest you read right to the end.

  • I forgot to blog this week. Suddenly it was Thursday. I am not a professional blogger by any means. FFS.
  • Tasmania has been collectively whinging about speeding fines - there's been a discussion to make the speeding fines be administered on a sliding scale to make sure that those on a larger income really feel the sting. Cue many letters to the editor in our local paper on how 'the battlers will survive'. Here's a straightforward idea - don't speed. This is why I don't care about this sliding scale for fines. I don't speed, therefore I don't get speeding fines. Easy.  FFS.
  • After our washing machine died last week I found one at the tip shop for $30. Works, fills, drains and spins. There's two little things though - when it spins it's impossible to hold a conversation for the noise. No problems, my laundry is outside. Annnd, it appears to randomly trip our circuit board. No rhyme or reason as to why. Suffice to say we're on the lookout for another washing machine and we turn this one off at the powerpoint. We also agreed that if our laundry was inside and it made that level of noise when spinning, we'd buy a new one too. It was totally worth a go for $30 and at least we can have clean clothes. But really,  FFS.
  • Our house appears to be falling apart. When the honeymoon mortgage rate is over and our year is planned out... it falls apart. Mr S re-siliconed the shower base at 8.30pm Monday night. He came to bed at 11.30pm. When I woke up and look quizzically at him, he mumbled something about 'the bloody bathroom, I'll tell you in the morning. But there's a lot of stuff everywhere... just be careful when you go in in the night.'
    I went to the loo, saw the lino pulled back and some wet-looking flooring... with a hole in the floor. Directly where the toilet sits. I carefully used the facilities and went back to bed. I promptly dreamt that I rang our mortgage broker to enquire about how to refinance our mortgage for a new bathroom. Mr S tells me he doesn't think that's too far from the truth.  FFS.
  • I do love our house, but who the eff builds a bathroom floor from chipboard?  FFS.
  • I got stuck in a traffic jam yesterday on my way to work, my 35min journey took a bit over an hour. Most of that hour was spent driving 4.5km. Annoyingly the traffic wasn't ever at a dead stop so I couldn't even play with my phone. Instead I was dictating ideas for today's post to Siri. Bless her.  FFS.
  • We got two tonnes of wood delivered this week. It's been pouring ever since.  FFS.
  • FFS will be continued at the bottom of this post...

Shiny Things Friday
She then slammed the door in my face.

Sunrise... I love it here.

Mr S and I re-live our childhood days. MORTAL KOMBAT!

I was overtaken by a cleaning binge on Monday
and reorganised the pantry. Mr S asked me if I was sneaking into
other people's houses and taking photos of their clean pantries.

Thank you Gumtree! An overlocker! Hooray!
Best bit: $35.

Even came with a book!

Millie angles for a cuddle or the newspaper... either was fine with her.

The traffic jam on Thursday. Enjoyable...?

And oh yes... this.

(this is also the dress I made M for her birthday)

One more FFS.

  • Morning sickness that will not go away. It's been 14 weeks now. Enough already.  For F's Sakes.

Go and see Sarah and tell her how bloody awesome she is. It's true.
Dear Baby G


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