Friday, May 11, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

The 'Accidental Reno' edition...

  • Remember last week I told you about Mr S peeling back the lino? Yes. As days went on he began to talk about 'just checking how far the damp has gone' before we call someone in to look at it. After all, it's cheaper for us to rip up the floor than pay someone else to do it. On Monday Mr S disappeared into the bathroom with a drill and some chisels. Then, one by one, the entire tool department of Mitre 10 went in there too. Then a toilet came out, then two shower screens... this is what my inside bathroom looks like now.

Who the f**k builds a bathroom floor out of particle board?

Look Ma! The floor's rotted through!

The gap appears to be larger than it really was here.

  • I'm remarkably glad that we have a second shower in our laundry, and the ManLet (ManToilet) outside as well. Otherwise Mr S would be a single man feeling the full force of my Face of Stone. FFS.
  • We like to do things Out of Order here in Family Smyth. Get married whilst pregnant, after living together for ten years etc etc. Ditto the bathroom reno. Now we have no inside bathroom we have applied for finance to get a new bathroom. I think Mr S will hopefully call a goddamn plumber in the next day or so to come and tell us what needs to be done. FFS.
  • I had a routine checkup at the Doctor yesterday for Occupy Mrs Smyth and when I went to leave I found a half empty car park and a car parked next to me like this.
    I looked around, and decided that if you could quite clearly see the baby seat in my car and still parked there, you could live with me resting my car door on yours whilst I put my wriggly toddler in the car. If I dinted your car in the process I was going to leave you a note to this effect, without my phone number or car registration. However, I couldn't even fit M through the gap with the door open, so I had to climb across the car seats with M in my arms to put her in the car seat. For. F***s. Sakes. 
  • Lucy has taken to sleeping on the beanbag or the spare bed in Millie's room. This is a lovely arrangement until Lucy wakes up, shakes herself off, jingling her bell and tag in the process and wakes Millie up as she leaves the room. FFS.
  • I wish I felt I could blog/tweet about work. But I'm smarter than that. Enough said. FFS.
  • I listened to two of the Bogan Neighbours mess about with a trailer in the parking bay near our houses for THREE hours on Tuesday. SO much swearing, and so many cars involved. There were three cars with the trailer, then one car drove off with a trailer attached. BN#2 went running down the road screaming at BN#1, then traipsed back to BNHQ swearing profusely about how it's not his effing fault if the effing trailer gets effing broken etc etc. Then BN#1 drives BACK, after BN#2 has moved two (different) cars around the driveway. BN#1&#2 proceed to argue loudly about the trailer (I think one of them didn't secure a chain very well) and then they moved two other cars and manouvered the car with trailer to put ANOTHER car on the trailer. The appear to have made up by this point because BN#2 was calling BN#1 'Bub'. I didn't want to point out to them that the car they had the trailer attached to didn't seem to have enough power - the fan belt was slipping every time they tried to move it. I was outside shifting firewood when this all happened, and it was better entertainment than the radio. But really, the swearing? FFS.
  • By moving the firewood from one end of our steep block to the other I have managed to do something awful to my neck/shoulder. FFS.
  • Panadol is the sum of the painkillers a Preggo can take. FFS.
Shiny Things Friday
I put my head torch on and cleaned up Miss Jones last weekend.

I found a secret compartment on the side, containing the original
unopened set of needles for the overlocker. Suffice to say I changed them,
as it appeared they'd never been changed...

Miss Jones does her thing BEAUTIFULLY! I'm so impressed!
I sent this pic to Mr S and he wondered if I was having a PfaffGasm. (yes)

Toast is yummy!

We spend a lot of time looking out the window.

This is Henrietta, made with love for my niece on her birthday.

The view from the ManLet. It's quite nice, actually.

7.30pm and Mrs Smyth knows HOW TO ROCK A PARTY!

Cutting out a pattern... with help.

Scissors... my precciiiooooussss....

The baby made me do it at 11am.
It was a glorious moment when craving met reality.
I'm not usually one for McDonalds, but I was instantly queasy AND hungry at all once. Pregnant ladies , you hear me right? The one where you NEED to eat, but you have NO idea what. I called my sister...
'Sally! Help! I'm going to vomit if I don't eat. What do I want?'
'Where are you? What's nearby?'
'I'm walking through the mall... I can see a McDonalds?!'
'Go and get a cheeseburger meal. GO RIGHT NOW.'

Meet our first tropical fish. They are Neon Tetras, and they're called
The Young Talent Team. I have put in an order for a big black fish...
I want to call it Beyonce.

Go and see Sarah and tell her Maggie's party will be freaking amazing no matter what she's worried about. And that I'm still waiting for her Macarons in the post... they're on their way, right?

Dear Baby G


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