Friday, May 18, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

The Maternity Whinge Edition
As always, linking up with the divine Sarah for today's post.
  • It's cold. More specifically I'M cold. I'm making a human being here, shouldn't I be generating heat like a... heater? I've also worked out that being cold all day makes me grumpiery. FFS.
  • I know, I hear you say 'Like, put a jumper on, you whining preggo.' I'd love to. I do not own one that a) fits me or b) zips/buttons up. FFS.
  • Little Lady is getting more teeth. We hope. I feel like the family that cried teething... M still only has four teeth - the last ones made their entrance at Christmas time. Does this mean we're going to get a full set at once? Oh god. FFS.
  • My shirts ride up, and as I have not gained an unholy amount of weight this pregnancy (as opposed to the 1/3 my body weight gain with Millie) my 'Fat Pants, The Ones Before Maternity Jeans Fit' are way too big and slide down all day. A belt does not help. FFS.
  • I went op shopping yesterday to find lots of too-big shirts to alter and re-tailor to become maternity shirts. I bought a cardigan and a button up shirt for me, and an entire winter wardrobe for Millie (three long sleeved shirts, two jumpers and a dress for summer), a tablecloth and some fabric. But the plus side was the lot was $24, and they gave me a bag of apples too. FFS-ish.
  • Mr S has removed even more of the bathroom now... but we've had A Guy come and look at it. The prognosis is good, it doesn't look a $20K job. It looks like a Mr S and His Dad job. With a new vanity and toilet. UnFortunately the shower came out in one piece so we can re-use it we're stuck with it. So no new glamorous bathroom for House Smyth, but I'll be delighted to not traipse outside to the loo at 2am. FFS.
  • Have I mentioned it's cold here? It's even colder and darker at 2am. I disturbed a hopper (Pademelon) nearby to the toilet the other night. I marched right back inside and made Mr S come outside with me. He has so far been very nicely obliging my 'I HAVE TO GO TO THE LOO. COME WITH ME PLEASE.' requests at 2am. I appear to be subconsciously dehydrating myself so I don't need to use the loo overnight. FFS.
  • Witching Hour has reared it's ugly head again. Except this appears to be practice for a toddler and a newborn. From 4pm-6pm I have an unhappy Millie losing her temper at every opportunity... i.e.
    Coupled with...
    'Meeeoooooooow!' (I'm hungry.)
    'MEOOOOOOWWWWWW!' (I don't want that dry food crap in my bowl.)
    'MRRRRROOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!' (I have to use the litterbox but Daddy's not home so I don't feel secure enough to do so.)
    'MROW. MROW. MROW. MROW.' (Why are we all yelling?)
    I wish I could drink. FFS.
  • We bought Millie a Heinz Unbelivabowl last night, so she might stop flinging her bowl around the lounge room when she doesn't want any more. It appears to be Mummy-Proof. I couldn't get it off the suction base to wash it before use. It worked like a dream in keeping her bowl safe and sound this morning. And now... I can't get it off the freakin' high chair. Ideas anyone? FFS.
  • Washed and in the dishrack. It's stuck in that ridiculous spot
    after I tried to slide it off. 
  • Mr S has been kindly, correctly, in the interest of #2, monitoring my caffeine intake when we are together. (One day per week at the moment. Fun, I know.) Whilst we were out on Mother's Day, I eyed off a cafe latte at the Farmer's Markets. Mr S said 'You've already had a cup of tea, is having an espresso coffee really the best idea?'
    Me: 'Well, it'll be ok.'
    Mr S: 'If you have an espresso and a cup of tea won't that be too much?'
    Me: 'Fine. I'll have a cup of tea.'
    Me: (thinks) You haven't seen me have several cups of a tea and then a Coca Cola in the afternoon recently, have you? Oops.
    And, FFS.
Shiny Things Friday
I had the best Mother's Day ever. I've had two now, I'm an expert. Cup of tea in bed, Farmer's Markets, NO NAPPIES, Mr S detailed the kitchen (swoon), takeaway pizza dinner, early bedtime. Delightful. Coupled with the best drawing ever from Millie, it was divine.

I was given a copy of Sarah Harmer's 'You Were Here' about 8 years ago, and I've loved it ever since. So much so, in every live gig I do I cover her song 'Capsized'. I finally remembered that I can buy music this week and purchased her newest release 'Oh Little Fire'. Oh, my heart is on fire. It is divine.
This week has been Vocabulary Week for Millie. She heard a dog barking across the road and turned to Mr S and said 'Dog!'. Then when it barked again she shrugged her shoulders at him and said 'Idunno'. What?! Then the same thing happened to me on Wednesday - she heard the dog barking (notice a dog barking theme here btw? BNHQ I think...) and said 'Dog!' to me. Then a car drove past and she said 'Car!' Even stranger, she had my car keys yesterday and pointed at the car keys and said 'Car!'. Holy moly. I love it.

This is our fishtank. My photography IS amazing, I know.
We can't stop buying fish... we know have 8 Neon Tetras (The Young Talent Team),
3 Harlequin Rasboras (Rocky and the Punchy Brothers),
two Reticulate Loaches (Dude and Dudette) and two Catfish (as yet unamed).


Snow on Mt Wellington on Mother's Day.

Millie all rugged up, waving at the cars driving by to the snow.

Family Smyth all rugged up at the snow.

A birthday present for someone pretty special on her first birthday.

This has being making me laugh SO much this week.

After stealing my empty Chamomile tea mug, Millie decided
to have a crack at the tea infuser. Fine with me!

I was trying to write a shopping list. Lucy was sitting on my other side,
just complainin'. 

Our breakfast table. Everyone has something to read.

Go over and wish Maggie a Happy Birthday, and Sarah and HB a Happy Birth Day.  Go. Now.
By the way Sarah, I dreamt that I called you to wish Maggie a Happy Birthday and
you a Happy Birth Day. Exciting, huh?
Dear Baby G


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