Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mrs Smyth creates... #2

The title is a nice twist on words, isn't it?
That's what I've been doing a lot of in the last fortnight and a bit, creating little Smyth #2. My shirts are very quickly getting too short and I'm in that awkward 'my regular shirts don't fit but I'm too small for maternity clothes' phase. A quick trip to Big W and a few nice T-shirts in a bigger size will see me through for a little bit longer. Since I typed this part of the post (<2 weeks) these shirts are now riding up over the epic sized bump already and making me grumpy. It's time to start sewing myself some maternity shirts I think... I've been shopping but pregnant women wish to wear tents or skinny jeans.  I've also been cutting out a cardigan from a lovely grape coloured jersey stretch material.

This fortnight I've...
started work on a new kid's apron for stocking in my as-yet-created shop

bought an overlocker (serger) from Gumtree, serviced it and got it running!
I've tested Miss Jones (overlocker) on every scrap of fabric I can find, and have started
overlocking some of the apron above.

Started and continued cutting out fabric for a cardigan pattern
I have drafted... based on an existing hoodie.

I have had help with this.
I purchased some material for a custom iPad case.
I fell in love with the Spiderman fabric for the inside... with a sensible navy for the outside.
It makes me think 'Outside: I'm a sensible thirtysomething who is a Tax Professional.
Inside: SPIDEY!'. I love it. I think my customer will too.
I made a softie for my niece, but it didn't turn out quite as nice as I imagined it would (bizzaro pattern.. this is meant to be a cat?!), and Millie kept stealing it and running off to her room
with in her arms before I'd finished it. Guess who now has a brand new giant softie and loves it?

Then I made another softie for my niece, who reportedly opened the parcel, said 'BIRD', grabbed it, ran into her room and tucked it into bed. I'd call that a win.
I also made a birthday present for the most gorgeous girl who lives in WA and is born in May. However, I haven't posted it yet so no pictures. But trust me, it's gorgeous.

Craft Blogs
I'm addicted to a few sewing blogs, and I thought I'd share them with you so you might become addicted too...
Craftiness Is Not Optional
This was one of the first sewing blogs I started reading, and it was also the first one that gave me confidence to make my own patterns. I've made Millie a shirt and two dresses from my own patterns based on Jessica's tutorials and I can't wait for every new blog post. And, she's also having another baby in November!
Cuada Design
Chris designed and wrote the pattern for the Cuada Clutch, which is my go-to clutch bag for sewing. So much so, I've scaled it into three sizes and adjusted the height of it for two patterns. Making that 6 patterns. Her pattern writing is what all pattern writing should be judged upon. She rocks. She also blogs. Win win!
Me Sew Crazy
I love the kid's clothes and tutorials on this site. I love that she makes her kids 'Collections' of clothes for every season. It's such a great sentiment, after all, I love seeing Millie in beautiful dresses and skirts and shirts but I can't afford to pay $40 for a dress/skirt/shirt etc. So I love the idea of making a dress, skirt, shirt and pants for 'good' for each season, and so far I've not done too badly with this.
Sew Many Ways
I found this blog tonight and holy moly - look at her craft room. I literally wanted to be transported into her craft room.
I Could Make That
I always love checking in and seeing what ideas are being posted here - so many gorgeous ideas!
How About Orange
This isn't about sewing neccessarily, but oh my word, you need to look at the gorgeousness that is How About Orange.
Little Pink Monster
I made Millie's sleepsuit from a tutorial on Natasha's site. She's got some great tutorials there and her posts are always fun to read! If it weren't for the Occupy Mrs Smyth movement I'd be highly tempted to make my own dressmaking form based on her tutorial.

So - link up your craft posts from the last little while! Go on!


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