Friday, June 1, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

  • Every week I start a list in my head on Tuesday, usually whilst I'm on the bus or driving to work. I never write it down, and then when I sit down on Friday to write this it's always a bleeping cursor blinking at me. I find some FFS for you, hit publish and inspiration hits. FFS.
  • I have a cup of weak coffee staring at me on my desk here at home. I got sick of wanting coffee but not feeling I could stomach it. I told my morning sickness to Man Up or eff off and made a coffee. Wish me luck. FFS.
  • There is still no inside toilet and the nights are getting mighty cold. My subconscious nocturnal dehydration (No cups of Rock'N'Roll herbal tea after 8pm! No mighty glasses of water!) appears to be going well with few visits required, but I wake up with a headache most mornings. Roll on a few weeks time please. FFS.
  • I posted this on Facebook Monday night. FFS.

No extra words are necessary.
Except my mother 'Liked' this and I'm sure laughed maniacally until
she went to bed.

  • My 'helpful' assistant on my brand spanking new iPhone, Siri, does not appear to understand a goddamn word I say.

No shit, Siri.

  • I had a day like this this week.

  • So I went to Spotlight, where the giant REDUCED TO CLEAR sign with buckets of stock underneath it apparently does not mean that said stock is in fact REDUCED TO CLEAR. It means something else entirely. So, empty-handed, I went here. Glowless and Kate approved of my food choice but suggested that a Frozen Coke may have been in order instead of a lemonade. I agree ladies.
$3.95 cheeseburger meal. Oh yes.

  • Not long after my headdesk and McDonalds I was talking to Sarah who despite her vegetarianism offered that she would have had a Big Mac in sympathy of my Headdesk. I luff her lots.
  • Millie got herself a cold from snotty kids at daycare. Dear Parents of Other Children Who Do Not Work But Still Put Their Kids in Daycare, if your kid is snotty or coughing, keep them at home. Ok? It's not rocket science. FFS.
  • Millie's cold is not particularly severe, but meant that Wednesday night she had trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. She woke up at 4.30am unable to breathe properly and very very sad. We laid on the couch together until 6am and she didn't sleep but let me stroke her face and head, holding my other hand the whole time. I stayed home with her yesterday and I am now coughing with a runny nose. Again, thankyou Other Parents. FFS.
  • I have a million lists of Things to Do in my head and I feel incapable of putting them on to paper. It's driving me bonkers. I need a listintervention. Help me, Tam. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday
When I was typing last week's FFS, I turned around to see
that Millie has stolen my pen and notepad off the table
and was drawing... okay?

She then proceeded to lay on the floor like this and keep drawing.
I can't be angry... I'm too impressed.

We were given a bag of Lucaston Park apples that were destined
for the juicer otherwise. They were Pink Ladies and beautiful!

My greaseproof paper didn't get the non-stick message.
A communication stuff-up meant that Mr S accidentally bought
MORE greaseproof instead of baking paper. This has now been remedied.
My poor home made chips.

Mr S and I snuggled up with hot chocolates and
laughed ourselves silly at Eurovision on the weekend.

We had a picnic on Sunday whilst doing some business in town.

Little Lady stole herself and apple out of the picnic basket and had
a whale of a time for about 10 minutes.

Then had a bit of a choke. 

Young Hipster Millie S had a hip Sunday morning latte
in South Hobart (SoHo) with the locals, who were dressed
in brown woollen jumpers with large sunglasses.

I made a lightshade for M's room yesterday.

It looks ace, and there's a post to come about it.

Here's my nana-esque dressing table. Go and read about it here.

Linking up with gorgeous Sarah, who always makes me smile.

Dear Baby G


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