Friday, June 8, 2012

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

It's Saturday. And I've started a draft for this... oh my.

  • I listed some of the bathroom parts on Freecycle to get rid of them - there's nothing wrong with them, but we have no use for them anymore. One was our vanity unit, not old, not new, a couple of stains on the top (thank you old bogan tenants for dying your hair red) and some marks where the floor met the vanity. Someone was coming to get it, then asked me more questions. Suddenly they're not interested because 'We were really hoping for something without any marks.' IT'S FREECYCLE. As in, it's FREE. Good luck with that. FFS.
  • Mr S and I bought new phones together in April and whilst his is web enabled, he hasn't set it up nor knows how to use it. He's in town today purchasing bits and pieces for our renovation fun-times, and keeps calling me to look stuff up on the internet for him. FFS.
  • Even worse, I don't mind because I Like To Be Helpful and Involved. FFS.
  • After 5 days of Little Lady Nose-Wiping, I am now coughing, sneezing, wheezing and blowing my own nose 24 hours/day. I haven't been to work for a week, I know I'll have to go back one day (Tuesday, most probably), (FFS) but until then, the enforced holiday has been nice. M & I have watched an entire season of Fashion Star and an entire season of Project Runway.
  • Mr S worked last Friday, spent Saturday in town buying things for Manly Renovation Fun Times, and went hiking overnight from Sunday-Monday, so I solo parented a sick Millie. Thus getting sick myself. He informed me on Tuesday that his throat was sore and I've had my turn to be sick, so now it was his. OH REALLY? FFS.
  • Thankfully he was mostly joking.
  • I am rethinking my happiness that Mr S is doing this renovation with his Dad, now he's informed me that I'm solo parenting (with help from Mrs S Snr) until Tuesday. Sniffle, snort, glare. FFS.
  • I'm more peeved that he's informed me an inside loo is at least a fortnight away. FFS.
  • I think I'm just grumpy because I'm sick. And pregnant, without use of an inside toilet. 
  • I bought a 200g packet of M&M's on Tuesday and put them in a pretty jar to enjoy the look of them and have a nibble. The jar was empty by the next day. Oops. FFS.
  • Lucy ran out of her medication this week and we weren't able to get in to Hobart to get some more... there was two days of Lucy frantically darting from room to room and needing to be THIS close to you. Couple that with a poor sick toddler who needed to be THIS close to you... and well, FFS.
  • It's no wonder I've gotten sick. FFS.
  • #2 is very... physical. As opposed to Millie, whose position meant that I didn't feel any movements until about 23 weeks, I've been being booted around this time since 16 weeks! This week it has grown and it's like a football match in there after meals. Given that it's only 20cm from crown to rump, there's a world of growing that is yet to happen... so imaginably the booting will only increase in intensity... FFS.
  • I'm sure I'm not alone in this one at all - Millie has a variety of dummies but there are the favourites. Which are the only ones we could get her to take in the beginning, and the only ones not sold in Australia. Naturally these are the ones that we lose. At last count there are at least 5 of these stashed somewhere in the house. FFS.
  • Like Sarah and HB, Millie is also the most sociable baby on the block. Waves, smiles, 'Hello! HELLO!' every time we leave the house. Which is hard when you're unsociable and homebodies like Mr S and I are and hate to leave the house... FFS.
  • I miss beer. FFS.
  • When I could drink beer, I never did. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

When Millie was really unwell, even breakfast time
crayons and drawing couldn't cheer her up.

The best Tourism Tasmania advert ever.

The custom iPad case I made this week....


Millie's first bubbacino. She was a moderate fan...
I was not a fan of the fact I paid $3.50 for it.
I mean... seriously?

Millie shows off her new chompers.

Stowing away in Poppy's suitcase.

Sleepy sick baby in the car. Resplendent with handbag, naturally.

I was in the local paper yesterday - this made my day, and made me
giggle all over again!
Linking up with Sarah for FFS Fridays. Go and tell her and HB that they're awesome, and give HB some parenting advice for their teen daughter.

Dear Baby G


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